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Case Study: Global Business Environment & Culture
Assignment #3
Case Study
Akshay Sanjay Pathak
Global Business Environment
Estatira Shirkhodaee
First, the interpreter must have an experience to handle a contract which will help company in signing the deal. The communication barriers will be avoided if the interpreter has a food fluency in the languages of both the countries. The interpreter can only be able to explain the deal to their client if he/she is a good listener and a good speaker which will make him understand what the person in front of him is saying and also for motivating the speaker also. When it comes to standards it should meet the proper standard which will directly reflect on customer satisfaction and the demand for the product will increase. (Schild, 2018) Having the knowledge about the industries in which he/she is dealing will help to recognize improved viz (there are sometimes some footing or terms which specific industries uses) that is if she/he if knew what the industry is then he/she will easily come to know they are saying. A good relationship should be developed within the countries with the help of cultures and their norms of both the countries. For instance, a country like India which has a culture or norms like they don’t call a senior person with their name but they call them as sir. (Schild, 2018)
High Context culture is a non-verbal communication viz. Expression or sign. While Low context culture is a verbal communication viz. oral or written. (Southeastern University, 2018)
China is considered as a High context culture as most of time Chinese use non-speaking actions for communications like when Chinese use to greet each other they join their hands and bow down which is the symbol they are showing their politeness towards each other.
Qualities of High context Culture:
It helps in showing trust and respect to each other without speaking anything.
It is a faster way of communication rather than speaking we just have to communicate with the symbols. It is easy to express their feeling in high context culture society which we are not able to show through a written document. It helps in making relationship with the business partners while doing business.
Eye Gaze: Eyes are the like the emotion display of our body, eyes use different ways to show the emotion like anger, kindness of the person. Like if a person is shy or not confident about his/her work then he/she can never look into eyes of another person....

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