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John 1
Jacob John
Mrs. Burnett
28 November 2017
Not a Desirable Parent
Have you ever seen a fearsome law-breaking parent? Well this is exactly who Edward
Bonne is. Edward Bonne is an character in the book, ​The Curious Incident of the dog in the
Night-time ​by Mark Haddon. In this book the main Character is a 15-year-old boy named
Christopher, who has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome. Christopher’s father is
Edward Bonne and they live together. Edward Bonne is not an ideal single parent because he has
abused Christopher in the past. Moreover, he has also lied to Christopher several times about his
mother. Edward showed his anger and possessive nature by murdering a neighbor's innocent dog.
Edward is an abusive father and has abused Christopher before. “Father had never
grabbed hold of me like that before”(Haddon, Page 82). Edward gets mad at Christopher and he
grabs hold of him. Christopher blacks out and when he wakes up, he finds blood in his right hand
while his head is against the wall hurting. Christopher should not be going through abuse and
this is my first reason why Edward is a horrible father.
Edward reveals to Christopher that he has murdered the neighbour’s dog called
Wellington. Here is a quote of Edward confessing that he killed Wellington. “ And he said, ‘ I
killed Wellington, Christopher’.” (Haddon, Page 120). In the start of the novel Mrs. Shear (a
neighbour) is a good friend with Edward but during the novel their relationship ends and Edward

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