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Energy drinks have become a very popular drink beverage or drink supplement in today's society particularly with the younger generation. With clever marketing commercials and advertisements regarding energy drinks, youth's of today have reshaped the market trends motivated by the economy. New trends in fashion such as t-shirts, footwear and so on due to marketing, have an influence on the way individuals spend his or her money. The business research of this article and the purpose is to inform individuals in the society that the youth's of today are spending his or her money according to how an item is marketed or advertised. For example, a commercial showing a sleepy and tired individual who needs to study for a final exam then the individ ...view middle of the document...

That is where the market trends are being set by youth's and has become an influence on the world's economy. For example, energy drinks have become one of a popular item and is a growing trend to persuade more companies to create their own line of energy drinks to gain a market share of the spending. The main point is that the youth's of today are the trend setters of the world's economy and that is where businesses are in competition with one another to get a piece of the market (Research and Markets, 2008).The data collection method used in this research project was conducted with questionnaires, surveys and electronic purchasing patterns by a research and marketing firm. The conclusion was based on the youth culture fall study that was conducted in September 2008. The results were released from Label Networks (Research and Markets, 2008).The researchers concluded that the youth's of today have become the trendsetters of the world market. Designer jeans to energy drinks to music devices have become popular items that are purchased by the youth's of today and with this being said, such youth's have changed the perception of the world's economy. The probability exists that businesses should have more advertisements to entice youths to gain an edge over their competitors and have more profit.ReferenceResearch and Markets. (2008, September 29). Research and Markets: North American YouthCulture Fall Study Reveals 13-25 Years-Old have Completely Re-Shaped Market Trends. Retrieved October 20, 2008, from ProQuest database.Sekaran, U. (2003). Research Methods for Business, A Skill Building Approach. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Retrieved September 29, 2008 fromUniversity of Phoenix, rEsource, RES 341 Research and Evaluation Course Web Site.


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