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ASSIGNMENT 2 PSYCHOLOGY (PPS1814)MOHD SHAHRIN YUDIN (1131300038)Question 1Choose a current event or topic of public interest and briefly describe it. (Example: violence against women, school-bullying, corruption and bribery, road-rage). Discuss how the major perspectives in contemporary psychology might shed light on the topic. In your discussion, you are to include the following five (5) perspectives: neuroscientific, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic.Neuroscientific perspectivesWith no answers yet in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; investigators have said they're considering many options: hijacking, sabotage, terrorism or catastrophic equipment failure. Nobody knows if the pilots are heroes who tried to save a crippled airliner or if one collaborated with hijackers or was on a suicide mission.Whatever the outcome, the mystery has raised concerns about whether airlines and governments do enough to make sure that pilots are mentally fit to fly.Malaysia Airlines said this week that its pilots take psychological tests during the hiring process.One of test taken are Brain scan, this test can Show damage to brain tissue, the skull, or blood vessels in the brain. Be used with other medical tests to help doctors find the right diagnosis for mood and behavioral problems and Help researchers study healthy brain development, effects of mental illnesses or effects of mental health treatments on the brain.However Brain scan cannot do diagnose mental illness when used by themselves and Predict risk of getting a mental illness.Psychodynamic perspectiveAs we all know passenger aboard on missing flight MH370 total individuals with 239 unique backgrounds, idiosyncrasies and lives. This is how the environment which is grown up shaped each persons and thinking or feeling a certain way.Perhaps any passenger in MH370 have a phobia about flying in airplanes, they might have a fear of plunging from a great height when the plane crashes. if they understand that thought, They could survive from plane crash but it is exceedingly unlikely, since they would most likely die quickly or fall unconscious - and in any case, it might be a risk worth taking, once you balance the enormous benefits of air travel against the very small risks of a crash.They could learn to formulate counter-messages to address frightening thoughts, perhaps something like "I've chosen to take a tiny risk because I want to see the world. I'm okay with that small risk, and can relax now and accept that I cannot control everything, and there is risk involved in all aspects of life - risk that need not lock me up in fear."Behavioral perspectiveBased on Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar He was said that the investigation looking into four areas is hijacking, Sabotage, Psychological problems of the passengers and crew and personal problems among the passengers and crew. Malaysian police chief also said Maybe somebody on the flight has bought a huge sum...


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1285 words - 6 pages Center, that would help aid pilots in the event of weather along with providing pertinent information to the aircraft that the computers could be unable to provide. Separation Free Flight puts the responsibility of aircraft separation on the flight crew. According to Free Flight (2016), the airspace would be divided between alert zones and protected zones. In the alert zones, the pilots would be alerted that traffic is in the vicinity. While in the

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1492 words - 6 pages started preschool · Got my dream job at the prison. 2014: · Malaysia Airlines Flight 30 disappears. · Oil prices crashes · Ebola strikes West Africa · Robert Williams passes away. 2015: · Prison escape in New York 2016: · US presidency election · Orlando night club shooting · Olympics in Rio · Sadly, Trumps wins’ presidency. 2014: · March 8 when a Malaysian Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur destined for Beijing vanished. No crash site, debris or

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3072 words - 13 pages Free , and 1,000 missing (Farago, 1967). Japanese losses were fewer than 100 casualties, 29 planes, and 5 midget submarines. The Japanese had totally destroyed the United States naval power in the Pacific. For the United States, that was very costly and hard to try to get back (Prange, 1982).The goals of the Japanese were easily accomplished. They had caught the U.S. unprepared and were able to approach the island without any obstacles. Also, about

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1707 words - 7 pages geography. This course examines societal development from the Renaissance to the present with an emphasis on emerging ideologies, expansion of empires, growth of nations, and an increase of global interdependence. Students develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, geographical, political, economic, and cultural contexts. Course Goals 1. To compare the interrelationships among human institutions, including

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2575 words - 11 pages to identify papers investigating cognitive functioning following childhood trauma. The researchers uses eligibility criteria that included studies that: (i) were published in English and involved an experimental or quasi- experimental design; (ii) investigated the cognitive outcomes of children (less than 18-years) exposed to familial maltreatment- related trauma and/or non-familial maltreatment related trauma with current or resolved PTSS or

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2641 words - 11 pages Free classic fight or flight response. The chronic stress response (also know as the HPA or hypothalamo pituitary adrenal pathway) responds to long-term constant stressors by keeping the body alert, however the chronic response can also have many harmful effects on the body such as reducing immune system functioning. Stressful events that persist for an extended period of time are perceived by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus (located in the brain

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5382 words - 22 pages 80 per cent intra regional arrivals from the East Asia Pacific Region whose total 2006 outbound tourists were over 170 million and are within 6 hours' direct flight to Sabah. The projection for 2010 is 3.4 million tourist arrivals with tourism receipts exceeding RM6.5 billion. The state government is also confident that the tourism receipts are projected to increase to a whopping RM 48 billion in 2025.The State of Sabah has been receiving

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1757 words - 8 pages between Langan and Oppenheimer? 5. What happens with Langan and his Calculus professor at Montana State? Why is this event significant in the course of Langan’s live? 6. What type of intelligence is different from what IQ measures? What is the significance of it when discussing Langan? 7. Is IQ solely a measure of innate ability? Describe Annette Lareau’s study? Outliers Group Chapter Presentation Discussion Suggestions Here are some items to

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2830 words - 12 pages , Hebrews, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Hindus, Maya, Toltecs, Zapotecs, and Incas.[footnoteRef:2] Story of the flood is an ancient story which seems be older than any recorded literature and is known in all continents for centuries. [1: Wilson, Ian. 2014. Before the Flood: The Biblical Flood as a Real Event and How It Changed the Course of Civilization. St. Martin's Press, 25.] [2: Wilson, Ian. 2014. Before the Flood: The Biblical

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2860 words - 12 pages AbstractThis research paper will briefly discuss the history, trends and challenges on how best to secure aircraft, passenger and airports from threats. The issue of security of aircraft and its cargo has been debated and discussed since the early era of commercial flight. A major shift in thought to aircraft and airport security here in America began with the horrific tragedies of Sept 11, 2001. Many countries such as Israel have been dealing

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3360 words - 14 pages . · Remove dust from the components inside the computer and peripheral equipment, such as printers. · Clean the mouse, keyboard, and display. · Check for and secure any loose cables. Software Verify that installed software is current. Follow the policies of the organization when installing security updates, operating system updates, and program updates. Many organizations do not allow updates until extensive testing has been completed. This testing is

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3644 words - 15 pages Supply has two kinds of customers: contractors and the general public. Sales to each are slightly different. When a contractor buys materials, he or she takes them to the contractor checkout desk. The clerk enters the contractor name into the system. The system displays the contractor information, including his/her current credit standing. The clerk then opens up a new ticket (sale) for the contractor. Next, the clerk then scans in each item to be

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1163 words - 5 pages . For example, Stan Karp states “High school exit tests are the trapdoors of the education world.” This illustrates that students’ diplomas are tied with their exam scores, it may push them out of school for missing the mark, and they will end up in the streets, unemployed and even become acid to the community for ending up in prisons. My friend, Abdul is a living example of being the victim of a university entry exam. Hopefully, it didn’t mislead

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3484 words - 14 pages Panopticon. The Countess P, who has Poisoned her husband and has “got away with it” (210), has gathered together a group of other Women who “had committed the same crime as she with less success” (210) to build and Inhabit a prison intended for their repentance. During the development of the event, the Prisoners and the guards, led by prisoner Olga Alexandrovna and her lover guard Vera Andreyevna, revolt and escape from both the Countess and this

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2704 words - 11 pages lookout tower for the green light. His emotional wealth is so suddenly multiplied that "none of it [his possessions] was any longer real. Once he nearly toppled down a flight of stairs" (Fitzgerald 88).Sharing the same side of the coin is the need for social acceptance. Gatsby prides himself on his openness; his lavish parties where strangers "came and went without having met Gatsby at all, came for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its