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AbstractThe customer is the driving force behind the quality movement around the world. At one time quality and customer satisfaction seemed to be light years apart, but over the years, quality has turned those trends around allowing real customer satisfaction to occur. By adding quality to the manufacturing process the goal, customer satisfaction, is obtainable. Customer satisfaction is the reason companies are in business and profits are made when satisfied customers return and bring their friends with them. This paper will look at four (4) separate industries and compare the value of quality in relation to customer satisfaction. A matrix will be developed to compare of commonalities ...view middle of the document...

According to Juran, quality is "fitness for intended use." This definition says, that quality is "meeting or exceeding customer expectations." So according to this theory, we achieve quality when we buy a product that does what it is supposed to do. If a purchasing manager is buying radios that he or she would not use personally, this still ties in with Juran's definition of quality, because the radios will meet the customer's expectations, although it will not meet the buyers. Deming states that the customer's definition of quality is the only one that matters. True, but the feeling is the customer does not always get quality from what they perceive as quality. This is partly to do with the fact, that some companies are very good at doing some things, but are not so good at others. Designer label brand Gucci is a prime example of this. If someone buys a Gucci designer watch for the cost of $2000, there are a host of other things that the buyer will achieve like admiration, prestige and self-esteem.Gucci is not a watchmaker and does not have the same level of expertise of watch making as Rolex or Cartier. Those with expertise or those in the industry would regard this watch with disdain. Watches of this nature are purely sold through the success of the brand. The watches are simply a spin-off from their designer clothesline and made with very low quality and cheap components. According to different magazines, the life expectancy for a Gucci watch is two to three years. This is very low compared to Rolex's lifetime expectancy.2. Service:The service industry's driving forces are quality and excellence. Providing excellent service to customers is the competitive advantage most service industries strive to achieve. This industry must maintain the following to remain successful through:· Consistent, Professional Image· Customer Recognition/Identity· Safety and ProtectionChanges in technology have greatly affected how industry provides certain services. It has allowed an industry to expand the number of customers they can service, reducing time and increased the quality of service.Consumers want to see improvements in the services a company can provide. Quality in relationship to customer satisfaction has never been more important. An organization that deals with providing a service as opposed to a product depends on quality, because the finished product is not necessarily as visible as a good or product. Service is a black and white industry. Either the service was provided to meet the customer's satisfaction or it was not. For example, a freight company must deliver freight in a timely manner when the consumer needs it. If the organization cannot provide the product as agreed upon, the consumer is more likely to look to another organization that can. Quality needs to create customer satisfaction.3. Non-profit:The success of nonprofit organizations depends on public confidence and broad public support. Nonprofits are supported...


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