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Dangerous Habits Essay

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Whether it's driving while talking on a cell phone, driving under the influence ofalcohol, or falling asleep at the wheel, many of today's drivers have dangerous habits.Some of which can possibly harm any or all of the drivers surrounding the one influencedindividual. Most of the problem in today's driving world, are all summed up with simplyconsidering it careless driving. I feel that if people are unable to apply all of their attentionto a road without having any minor distractions there to set them off track, they really justshouldn't be on the roads.Talking on a cell ...view middle of the document...

Another thing that can be a dangerous habit is driving at night. This is dangerousbecause you can fall asleep while driving. Sometimes people experience "tunnel vision"while they're driving at night. This is when you zone out and start not paying attention tothe road and eventually you can fall asleep. My uncle totaled his truck by falling asleep atthe wheel this past summer. He was working the graveyard shift and was driving home,which was an hours drive, and just fell asleep and rolled his truck over in a ditch.The last and most dangerous act of careless driving would be drinking and drivingin my book. Drinking and driving to me is just not sensible, at least have the commoncourtesy and get a designated driver. You lose all of your inhibitions when your drunk.The most usual outcome of a drinking and driving accident, is that the person under theinfluence of alcohol usually survives. Nine times out of ten, all drunk driving accidents endin death.I know for a fact that people these days have heard the stories about drinking anddriving, using the cell phone while driving and falling asleep at the wheel, but as manytimes as we are informed about these dangerous habits there are accidents occurringeveryday. To me it seems that people rather take a chance and risk their life at the sametime. I really don't know what its going to take to get through to people.

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