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Ifrah Imran September 30, 2014Period 2 Mr. BudrisDBQ: Colonial Resistance To BritainThe number of Patriots from the colonies increased dramatically as several key events added to the hostility between the colonies and their mother country. The colonists had valid grievances against the Britain which lead to certain events causing them to stand up to Great Britain. Through consistent protests the colonists marked the beginning of what is known as the American Revolution today.As the hostility between the British and colonists increased the grievances from the colonies kept increasing too. The major complain that the colonists had been about taxes. They wanted no taxes since they didn't have a legisla ...view middle of the document...

The objection of equality led to becoming a justification as to why the colonies need to break from the Great Britain. These grievances led to the American Revolution of 1775.The events during that time created sharp divisions among the English people and the colonists. Boston Massacre was one of the leading events that lead American colonists to revolt against Britain (Doc 1). It spread a sense of not being protected. Boston Massacre made the colonists realize that they cannot sit back and let British soldiers who are accountable for the death of innocent citizens control them. It was seen as a wakeup call for the rest of the colonies to take a step for independence. Also the Boston Tea Party which was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty was a major event that leads the colonist to break away from British. The colonists destroyed an entire shipment of tea in defiance of the Tea Act taxes implemented by the British. This lead the British government to respond harshly which made the situation escalate to the American Revolution. The reason that the colonist used for doing this was that they believed it was the violation of their rights as they believed in "no taxation without representation". These were the key events that led the colonies to break from the British. Through the consistent protests the colonists marked the beginning of what is known as the American Revolution today. American Revolution not only closed the connecting door between the British and the colonies, but it also marked the beginning of a free and independent nation.


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935 words - 4 pages in Africa were lavished in wealth and were very successful and influential. Works Cited Elisabeth Gaynor Ellis and Anthony Esler. World History. Boston: Pearson, 2016 Aksum, The Location That Enabled it to Become a Trading center. [Document 1] In DBQ 7 Africa Before European Travel. Document-Based Assessment for Global History. Walch Publishing, 2007. Print. Leon E. Clark, editor, Through African Eyes, Praeger Press, Inc.,1970 (adapted

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1027 words - 5 pages DBQ Essay The final colonial war also known as the French and Indian War lasted from 1754-1763, where conflicts were attempted to be put to an end between the Indians and English, but created conflicts between the English and colonists. The French and Indian war created new economic and political situations on Colonists through England's new found debt with imposition of tax after the war, and England’s political restrictions through laws passed

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888 words - 4 pages Brycen Romero Professor Parker HIST-B17A March 4, 2019 Midterm Essay 1 The American Revolution was the fight for independence between the 13 colonies and Great Britain. This revolution was not caused by one particular event but instead caused by many events that led up to the war. Many factors were taken to play in why colonists wanted to create their own state. Britain leaders had not seen the daily lives of the colonial people, so how would

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1975 words - 8 pages civilisation must fall. Louis argues that it was the rise of the US and the USSR as superpowers, whereas others argue it was the loss of Ireland and later India, which caused the rest of the empire to fall apart. Also, there was the argument that the empire was simply too expensive to sustain, and therefore Britain was cutting her losses by letting the empire go.From a British stand point, it was seen that "Ireland was too great to be unconnected with us

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1249 words - 5 pages prospered in the south, and manufacturing flourished in New England. Each of these gave colonial America a strong economy that wouldn’t have existed without salutary neglect.Although the Anglican Church was the official religion of England, it was not the basis of religion in the colonies. Colonials began to dislike anything relating to Britain, due in whole to the salutary neglect. In religious issues, the Anglican Church was almost always

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2367 words - 10 pages change of traditional British uniforms, with British and colonial forces wearing khaki for the first time in Britain's military history . This further demonstrates the shift in traditional relationships that was so prevalent throughout the world in 1900 as, for possibly the first time, Britain experienced considerable and concerted resistance in their imperial pursuits. After the degradation of the Boer War to guerilla based conflict

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2768 words - 12 pages Free colonial rule, the newly elected Assembly of Ghana, passed a motion directing the government to demand independence from Britain. IX. As the opposition party was not part of the debate, the motion was passed with unanimous vote. X. The motion was also accepted by the British Government as representing the majority of the Assembly. In 1957 Ghana became the first African country to gain independence. 13. Discuss the European use of concessionary

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1485 words - 6 pages the Tea Act. The Stamp Act imposed a tax on all official documents such as deeds, and even newspapers and playing cards. The Townsend Act doubled the number of British troops in the colonies, and placed a tariff on certain imported goods. Lastly and most importantly, the Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party, which in turn led to the Coercive Acts.[footnoteRef:6] [5: Ibid., 107.] [6: Hopkins, “Colonial Taxation,” October 8, 2015] The Coercive, or

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778 words - 4 pages , and their economy was based on primarily farming. However, in the early 1900s, the British started to establish colonial rule over Nigeria and by 1906 they had obtained complete control over the country. After the British arrived, Nigerians were forced to obey the British government, and all Nigerian authority figures were replaced by the British officials. Also, the British forced native Nigerians to undergo a westernized education in order to

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1020 words - 5 pages COMMONWEALTH PRESENTATION Contemporary Britain (book) British attempts to enter Europe since the 1950s have tended to militate against the traditional familial and trading importance to Britain of the Commonwealth. But the continuing role of the Commonwealth is a debated aspect of Britain´s international standing. The labour government apparently feels that the Commonwealth is a success and is commited to raising its profile. Significantly, a

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578 words - 3 pages harsh or unfair laws and the ability to get rich off trading with the French or Spain since the British was neglecting their duties as a Colonizer. After the French and Indian War which was caused by Britain wanting to control expansion into the western territories they acquired war debts of 130,000,000 dollars from fighting the war and using equipment to aid them. This made the British stop the treatment of Salutary Neglect and ensure that the

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1289 words - 6 pages Causes of the French Revolution DBQ Name: Per: Historical Context The French Revolution of 1789 had many long-range causes. Political, social, and economic conditions in France contributed to the discontent (unhappiness) felt by many French people-especially those of the Third Estate. The ideas of the philosophers of the Enlightenment brought new ideas about the role of government and powers guaranteed to citizens. Finally, the American

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1983 words - 8 pages Atlantic market became increasingly vital for Britain in the eighteenth century, emphasised by the colonial population growing seven-fold between 1700 and 1770,[footnoteRef:10] which was partially a result of transportation. The private sector handled the shipping of convicts, meaning significant profits could be gained by merchants from the transport and sale of convicts, mainly by exploiting and altering the indentured servant market that was

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825 words - 4 pages unification in 1871 meant that were still trying to build large colonial empire. Britain had the largest colonial empire with colonies all over the world, such as Australia and India (Tol 2014). Admittedly, Germany wanted to replace Britain as the Dominant Leading Empire. Imperialism divided countries and led to the formation of alliances and military development. The website acknowledges that these conflicts deepened the