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The final colonial war also known as the French and Indian War lasted from
1754-1763, where conflicts were attempted to be put to an end between the Indians and
English, but created conflicts between the English and colonists. The French and Indian
war created new economic and political situations on Colonists through England's new
found debt with imposition of tax after the war, and England’s political restrictions
through laws passed threatened the colonists overall freedom. In all, it was a step to
ending the salutary neglect. Which created an anti monarchist mindset, inspired by the
the treatment during the war, as far as ideology. It was from these factors that the
colonists had decided it was time to rebel.
The new economic situation that was created led to a lot of tension within the
colonies. After the war the English felt that because they fought the war for the colonies,
and were left in debt, it was up to the Colonies to pay the taxes to help get rid of debt.
For instance, on document 6, the British Order read that the English felt as if the tax
needed to be collected because the mercantilism wasn't cutting it. The mercantilism was
failing them with the frauds and holes between the system. Like how the colonists
would trade and import goods to other countries without permission. Therefore they
passed the stamp act which angered the colonists in the way that it required them to
pay a tax on every piece of printed paper they used. Ship's papers, legal documents,
licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards. As well as the tea act
where a monopoly for the tea industry was granted for importation and sale of tea. The
British created a complete control of the colonists economy and it angered the colonists
and took their relationship on a turn for the worse. Their financial freedom continued to
be at stake after the war’s debts and costs.
The new political establishments made by the Britains also raised quite a bit of
tension within the English and colonists. For instance, prior to the war, as document 1
shows, the expansion of land was able to come to be as they conquered the land of the
French and Indian prior to the war. The Indians were aware of the desire to expand as
another document, document 2 shows how the Chief of the Onondaga Nation
expressed his frustrations with the white exploitation of their land. Which is why at the
end of the war to ease tension the English passed the Proclamation of 1763, what it did
was shut down colonial expansion westward, and affected all thirteen colonies. This
was done In response to a revolt of Native Americans led by Pontiac, an Ottawa chief,
King George III declared all lands west of the Appalachian border off-limits to colonial
settlers. This angered the colonists because during the salutary neglect they did as they
pleased and settle where they please in hope of exploiting the land for goods and
riches. The salutary neglect resulted in the colonies and Brit...

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