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Dead Man Walking Essay

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Icof.infobaselearning.comInfobase Learning - LoginIn-text: (, 2014)Bibliography:, (2014). Infobase Learning - Login. [online] Available at:,-law,-and-justice/capital-punishment.aspx [Accessed 27 Aug. 2014].From this source I found the information regarding the certain chemicals used in the lethal injection. It was also where the I gained the information regarding the origins of the lethal injection. This source is where got the quote from Richard Dieter.Encyclopedia of Catholic social thought, social science, and social policy Volume 1 A-J ed. Michael L. Coulter; Stephen M. Krason; Richard S. Myers; Joseph A. ...view middle of the document...

cfm [Accessed 27 Aug. 2014].This is where I sourced my quote from Pope John Paul IIAmnesty.orgDocument - PEINE DE MORT. Questions et réponses | Amnesty InternationalIn-text: (, 2014)Bibliography:, (2014). Document - PEINE DE MORT. Questions et réponses | Amnesty International. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Aug. 2014].I used Amnesty International as one of my other sources and found the two quotes from them, the quote regarding rehabilitation and my final quote regarding the harshness of capital punishment.Deathpenaltyinfo.orgDeterrence: States Without the Death Penalty Have Had Consistently Lower Murder Rates | Death Penalty Information CenterIn-text: (, 2014)Bibliography:, (2014). Deterrence: States Without the Death Penalty Have Had Consistently Lower Murder Rates | Death Penalty Information Center. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Aug. 2014].It was from the FBI uniform Crime report from the death penalty information center that I founded the statistics of murder rates in the states with and without capital punishment.Vatican.vaCatechism of the Catholic ChurchIn-text: (, 2014)Bibliography:, (2014). Catechism of the Catholic Church. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Aug. 2014].This source is where I found my information of the Catholic Catechism view regarding capital punishment.

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