Dead Man Walking A True Story About The Death Penalty Criminology Essay

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Adam Hodges
Dead Man Walking
Capital punishment, otherwise known as “The Death Penalty,” has been around
for many years and has been the cause of death for over twelve hundred inmates since
1976, but is the Death Penalty really beneficial to the American public? This question is
in the back of many people’s minds, and has left many questioning the meaning of the
punishment. The death penalty targets murderers or high profile cases. Some say that
the death penalty should apply to those who murder, rape, or abuse human beings such
as children, or women. The significance of the penalty is to teach these criminals that
there are laws that must be followed. In a figurative sense, it is to teach those potential
wrongdoers a lesson. By examining the facts around us, we can gain a greater sense of
security, and a greater understanding of what the death penalty can accomplish, all
while assessing the high-quality aspects that the penalty has to offer.
Many who have been touched by these crimes, the supporters, show a strong
encouragement for the penalty, whereas those who have never had a loved one
murdered by a deranged psychopath, the opposing party, show a sturdy opposition. The
supporters encourage this endeavor usually seeking some sort of revenge against said
“deranged psychopath.” These few represent the vast majority of citizens that find
“comfort” in knowing that justice had been done. On the other hand, people who have
not been affected by this find the penalty harsh and uncalled for, although the killer
showed no mercy for the deceased. The individuals mentioned above are the faces
representing the death penalty, whether they are for or against it.
One area of disagreement that many encounter when analyzing the need for the
death penalty is whether or not the act itself is a form of murder that should be ignored.
For instance, opponents of the death penalty would pose that the act is a form of
murder, heavily recognized by the fact that such an act is reported as a “homicide” when
the executed’s death certificate is printed. However, supporters would suggest that the
act is keeping criminals and other bad people off the streets and out of the population.
Which viewpoint is sounder? Well, the opposition would suggest that society show
mercy towards these criminals by keeping them locked up for life, but had they shown
mercy to their victims, then they would not be in this situation. Though the opposition’s
viewpoint is true, they cannot refute the fact that it was the criminal’s performance of the
crime that lead to their outcome. Criminals should recognize the reasons for the laws
and abide by them. Many of the criminals who have murdered someone have been
incarcerated and awaiting trial, giving them a chance to think about what they have
done. However, eventually, they are released on parole, and a murderer is loose in the
community claiming to be a changed person, though remaining completely capable of
committing the crime...

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