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Death Penalty Essay

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Robyn Rasberry10/01/2013Business AdministrationOpinion PaperThe death penalty should be enforced in every state in the country to eliminate the problems in our society. If we have the death penalty in all fifty states, crime rates would most likely decrease. Our jails would not be filled with dangerous criminals who waste the taxpayers' dollars, especially when they serve no purpose to our society. Prison Fellowship founder Chuck Colson stated, "When you put a guy…in prison, you're spending $40,000 a year to support that person…The skills they learn to survive inside our violent prisons make them more dangerous when they get out."Although they can be found guilty for making ...view middle of the document...

The number of homicides that happen each year should decrease, significantly, if the death penalty was enforced.The increase in sexual assault and rape victims is another reason why the death penalty should be enforced in every state. Rebecca Ruiz, a NBC News contributor, mentioned that "despite efforts to create a 'military culture free of sexual assault,"' the Department of Defense announced Tuesday that the number of cases increased sharply…a trend that critics pointed to as proof that more aggressive measures are needed to end the epidemic. The annual report, released by the DOD's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, found that 3,374 incidents of "unwanted sexual contact" occurred within all branches of the Armed Forces in the 2012 fiscal year. That is a 6 percent increase from the previous year, when there were 3,192 reports. Besides in the military, rapes and sexual assault is happening every day in all fifty states. "Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. In 2002, there were 247,730 victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault (2002 National Crime Victimization Survey, U.S. Department of Justice). This statistic does not include children 12 and under…Up to 4,315 pregnancies may have resulted from these attacks" (RAINN estimate, based on 2002 NCVS). Based on this information, it is a great idea to use the death penalty to remove sexual predators from our society. By removing these sickening individuals, justice would be served for the victims, and more innocent people will be spared from becoming the next victims of sexual abuse. Regardless if it is their first sex offense they committed, rapists should be, automatically, sentenced to death. If they are willing to harm one individual already, they will most likely do it again. It is an endless cycle. This is why the death penalty seems like the best possible solution to this epidemic problem. It will allow these criminals to endure the pain they caused their victims to feel. This is exactly what they deserve. There is more information to consider.Children are not always protected everywhere they go, many men and women live alone, and there are people who cannot protect themselves. This is why sex offenders and rapists should not be allowed to get out of prison on parole. Unfortunately, there are many sexual predators getting released back into our society. It is bad enough we have people who commit murders. We do not need sex offenders in our society. Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin from the CNN Special Investigation Unit clarified that according to records obtained by CNN, "Convicted sex offenders and other felons in California are systematically walking free, despite continuously violating their parole. It's the result of laws meant to alleviate California's overcrowded prisons and jails. Two years ago, county judges all across the state lost their authority to send convicted felons back to prison for parole violations. Instead,...

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