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Death Penalty
Dhanvi Ayar
Wheelock College
Crime has always shadowed humans since the initiation of civilization. Depending on the severity of the offence, in order to punish the culprit, various kind of punishments have been used according to the means available at the time and has kept on changing as human race developed. However, capital punishment is the only one which has survived and is still prevalent in modern society. There is a section of society which believes that death penalty must be sentenced in certain grave issues while a group of individuals has a contrary opinion. I am of the opinion that an offender must be executed in specific cases which can be considered as rarest of the rare ones, provided that he is being given a fair judicial trial and ample opportunity to prove himself innocent.
A momentous misdeed which I can think of is rape where an innocent life is made virtually lifeless until she actually loses life when she is dead. In such cases, not only the victim suffers for the rest of life but also the family members find it difficult to cope up with the unfortunate incident. Justice, in this type of crimes, hardly sees the light of day because in majority cases either the incident goes unreported due to family pressure or culprits get away due to influential background. Finally after all these, if the offender is found guilty there are Human Right Commissions who protest against severe punishments on humanitarian grounds but I ask such people what about victim’s human rights? Accused has already killed the victim’s conscious leaving just her body to ultimately die. After such cases a woman hardly has any feeling or emotion left within her. Laughter becomes an alien word or feeling rather. It is like a stage of coma where the patient is able to walk and talk with absent mind and missing will to live. You can...


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881 words - 4 pages . Devine, Richard A. "Ultimate Punishment: A Lawyer's Reflections on Dealing with the Death Penalty." Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Winter 2005, p. 637+. AcademicOneFile, . Accessed 22 May 2018. Garland, David, et al. America's Death Penalty: between Past and Present. New York University Press, 2016. Accessed 09 May 2018. Lochhead, Colton. "Audit: Death

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1112 words - 5 pages lawyers often die"(Baumgart 73). This is sad but often true.A study of capital cases in Texas from 1924 to 1968 shows that theapplications of the death penalty is unequal; most were poor, young,and ignorant (Rein 67).Capital punishment in this country has not been shown to detercrime. It has been discriminatorily inflicted on three groups of people:the less privileged of society, blacks, and men. It has not been proven amore effective protection to society than confinement in prison. Theseare my reasons why the death penalty should be against the law andlife imprisonment should supplant the death penalty, because it holdsprospect for future rehabilitation.

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