Debate Report 1 For The Debate That We Heard About Debating Debaters That Only Wanted To Debate Fsu Cla2123 Report

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Ross Panariello
CLA 2123
Debate 1 Report
Roman Senator
The Roman senator on the pro side started their debate by displaying Ethos. The senator lead off the debate by referencing their official position. Furthermore, there was an abundance of demonstrations of Pathos and Logos as well. For example, the senator attempted to appeal to the pride of the Roman citizens. The senator mentioned to the people that a failure to commence in war would give Rome the appearance of being weak. Also, the point regarding the war giving conjured people to live free appealed to Pathos. Roman citizens will sympathize with the conquered and wish for them to be free. Finally, displays of Logos included the benefits of the war. These points were the tax benefit to Rome and the benefits of conquered people living under one nation and one law.
Roman Poet
The Roman poet used many facets during their speech. Primarily, they used Ethos. For example, the poet made a point to mention their profession and that they’ve been a poet for a long time. Additionally, the poet used a quote from the revered writer, Homer, to further their point. Pathos was also demonstrated. The poet stated that not going to war would make Rome seem non-powerful, which the citizens of Rome would feel strongly against. Also, the actions and sacrifices of the brave soldiers appealed to Pathos. The poet brought up the fact that Carthage sacrifices children and to keep them in mind. Lastly, the poet uses Logos when they mentioned the importance of self-defense, that war creates more power, and that Carthage had a large area of land that needed to be taken over.
Ambassador from one of Rome’s Allies
The ambassador from one of Rome’s allies used Ethos only when mentioning their occupation in the beginning of their speech. However, the ambassador used Pathos many times. For example, the ambassador talked about the protection of other countries that Rome provides. Mostly, the ambassador used Pathos to convey the message that war was necessary in order to sustain the same way of life that many Romans have enjoyed so far. Lastly the ambassador used Logos when they mentioned several examples of Rome attacking first, the trade benefits from war, and the fact that nations conquered by Rome have improved.
Roman Provincial Governor
The Roman governor used Ethos twice. Once when mentioning their profession. Another example is the governor alluded to the details of their position. The governor said that they oversaw many build projects during their time as governor. The majority of the governor’s speech used Pathos. The governor stated that the war is to support the citizens of Rome. Also, that a strong army is needed to deal with a strong threat. Lastly, the governor used Pathos when stating that the Roman people needed land to live on and the soldiers need to be shown their proper respect. Finally, Logos was used when the points of necessary wars, revenue from Spain, and capturing land to create order were ma...


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