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Many people believe that pre-natal screening is not a form of eugenics and that pre-natal screening is merely a test to help couple prepare for future medical problems their child may face. Admittedly, having this test does make it easier for parents to plan for the special care their child requires. Although, many couples are faced with challenges of the continuity of pregnancy when the possible health complications of their child are identified. Some lean towards the option of terminating their pregnancy as they will be struck with sudden financial inconveniences due to the health services required by kids with down syndrome and other health complications.
The cost saving benefits of pre-natal testing is indeed making a eugenic argument. Decreasing the financial struggle placed on hospitals and families is a side benefit of eugenic. Bebbington’s study (2011) shows that the mean annual health cost for individuals with down syndrome is approximately 3.2 more than the general population. Based on another study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average medical care costs were 12times higher for children with health defects, compared to children with no health complications (CDC, 2017). Due to financial difficulties, 87% of children with down syndrome were aborted (Don’t Screen Us Out, 2016). These babies are previously wanted by their parents and their parents made a commitment to raising this baby and wants to do the best for it such as the mother cutting down on alcohol use and attend regular check-ups for the baby. However, due to financial issues the mother may possibly seek an abortion. Now can you really argue that pre-natal screening is solely designed to plan for the care the baby requires in the future?
Knowing the Health implications that will follow this birth, by not allowing it to take place this genetic trait will slowly be decreased in its incidence in the population proving eugenics and improving genetic quality of the human population. Birth defects are rising in numbers over recent years. Birth defects range from heart problems to speech and even behavioural issues. Down syndrome is also a common birth defect that arisen to high prevalence in Australia. There is roughly 1 in 700 births of down syndrome in Australia. The population of people with down syndrome in Australia is growing 13,140 out of 22,340,000 people within Australia (Down Syndrome Australia, 2014). This dent in Australia’s genetic pool degrades the possibility for eugenics. The increase of the birth of children with these defects decreases the chance to improve...

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