Debriefer Role That Summarizes Everyones Roles Arkansas College Class Assignment

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Week: 8
Name: Peyton Wohnoutka
Chapter/Work(s): Chapters 4 & 5, “Volar,” and “The Thing in the Forest”
Role: The Debriefer
This R&R role is highly important, and involves two tasks. First, the Debriefer takes notes of group meeting, while also contributing to the discussion. Second, this member types a 3-5 paragraph summary of the R&R meeting for that week (this includes general topics discussed and questions raised) and brings the typed summary on the next class day. These debriefings will assist the professor in both ensuring that the R&R teams are working effectively and in aiding in class session discussions.
Debriefing Summary*:
During class, my group met together to discuss the readings of the day. Our readings included Chapters 4 and 5, “Volar” and “The Thing in the Forest.” We began talking about Chapter 4 first. The Ringleader’s first question was asking how the setting is important in a story. We decided that without setting, the background of the story and the people of it would have no context. The Wordsmith’s word was archetypal, meaning a symbolic setting representing someone or something. The Artist of our group provided a picture of a mystical place to show that setting has a large impact on what the story entails.
For Chapter 5, the Ringleader asked how symb...


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