Debunking Theories Against Evolution Environmental Science Essay

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Misconceptions About Evolution
Evolution is the changing and adoptions of characteristics in certain species. While it is a simple concept to
understand, many individuals disagree or don't believe in the idea of evolution at all. The controversy stems off of
Christain religious beliefs, however, there are some individuals who use certain scientific facts and twisted logic to
justify their disbelief in evolution. Many of these facts are merely misconceptions and can be explained by science.
One of the most common, reasons people disagree with the Theory of Evolution is because they are offended and
refuse to believe that humans evolved from monkeys. The Theory of Evolution does not say that humans evolved
from monkeys, instead, it states all life on earth is connected and that if you go back in time far enough, you will
encounter a common ancestor between the two species. Through excavations and discoveries scientist have
indefinitely concluded that the common ancestor is neither human nor monkey. Individuals who don't believe in
evolution use this common misconception to disprove the theory. They ask why there are still monkeys if humans
evolved from them. As explained above humans did not evolve from monkeys. Additionally, humans are genetically
closer to apes than they are to monkeys. The theory of evolution does not state or imply that currently, species
whom already exist can come from other species already existing. Another common misconception used...


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