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Decision Making Essay

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Problem Formulation and Identification

University of Phoenix

Team D

Professor Kimberly Ramsawik

March 6, 2010 Kimberly Childs works for a huge oil company; the number of employees is 10,000+. Organizations such as this have teams who are devoted to solving problems and laying out strategies. The decision making model that is primarily used in this corporation is the 7-step decision making model. The steps are basically the same as the broader 5-step model, yet more detailed.

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Some of these choices included terminating contract help and combining job duties for regular employees. Another choice decided on was to offer employees who were almost ready to retire, attractive incentive packages to leave earlier. The company had analysts working on this for over a year, so it would be reasonable to assume that all the values at stake were considered prior to making their decisions. Once they considered the impact of the variables at stake, the importance of the decision was carefully assessed. Once all options were evaluated and their decisions was made on time and on budget, the company took action. The choices that were made did not satisfy everyone however, with a company as large this, who could expect to?

Some cons to this decision making model are some of the biases and mistakes that we make as human beings. Other individuals may find that all the variables that one must consider to make these decisions can be overwhelming.

Once the action has been taken, then it is time to step back and determine whether or not all objectives are met.

Problem Formulation and Identification 2

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