Decriptive Essay About Shooting A Deer Called The Shot About Me Central Texas College. Composition 1 Essay

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Alex Bester
Descriptive Essay
Its 3 a.m. as my alarm blares in my ear. I haven’t even opened my eyes and I’m jumping out of bed and getting dressed for the big day. The day I have been waiting over a year for. The day I get to carry my own gun and possibly shoot my first deer. As I’m putting on my layers of cloths, the aroma of coffee fills my nose. I rush out to the kitchen and grab a maple cinnamon bagel and a steaming hot cup of coffee. I can tell it is going to be a good morning because the coffee is as thick as mud.
Dad already has the truck packed with our backpacks and rifles. As I rush out the door, the bitter cold hits me like a block of ice and fills my lungs with fire. We hop in my dads’ old rusted Chevy and start heading down the frozen dirt road. My adrenaline is pumping through my blood now and I can’t wait to get in the tree stand.
As we arrive at the gated entrance to the field, dad pulls off in to the shallow ditch on the side of the road. We hop out of the truck and get our rifles uncased.
Dad looks at me and says “ We will load the rifles in the stand. It is too dark to see anything this morning.”
He wasn’t kidding either, there was no moonlight and hardly any stars in the sky.
We started off down the crunchy frozen trail toward the tree stand. After a 15 minute hike down the trail we make it to the stand.
“Ok Alex, go ahead and climb up while I put out some wicks” Dad whispered in my direction.
I walk over to where I remember the ladder being and I almost run right in to it. I sling my gun over my shoulder and I start climbing up the ladder, being careful not to miss a step or slip off. As I reach the top of the ladder, I undo the burlap co...


Phone Swap: Essay about the comparison between two films - Texas A&M Carmela Garriatano - Essay

612 words - 3 pages dividing force as is seen in Changes. As can be seen, the key difference between Changes and Phone Swap lie mainly in whether they choose to utilize poverty as a tool to define its characters, or as a tool to contextualize the novel as a whole. Phone Swap, is not a film about globalization and the evils of poverty, rather than merely a romance which uses poverty in a productive and unifying way for its characters alone. Changes, however, utilizes poverty to mainly highlight society in the novel and how globalization and gaps between the rich and poor affect it.

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1275 words - 6 pages satisfied in and feel this has held me back tremendously. Since leaving education I have never felt comfortable in a job, I have always strived for more and this was manifesting day by day. It was my responsibility to decide what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go- and it was one day I was driving in the car and the radio was advertising for teaching positions, the thought stuck in my head and after speaking with my dad about potential study he

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1030 words - 5 pages Free could watch the sunrise. After days planning ,we finally had a plan, since the dorms windows had mesh screens we had to cut them so that we could sneak out and after a couple minutes of work we cut it and decided to sneak out of the dorm around four in the morning because our tutors would be asleep. The day had come and we were ready. Me, my blonde friend from Texas, Dylan, my South Sudanese friend Jiokow, my Brazilian friend Leo and my other

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1615 words - 7 pages Neu 1 Neu, Carson November 28th, 2018 GEOG 202 Geography of the Global Village: Essay Culture has an enormous impact on today’s world, but some people may be confused on what culture actually is. So, what is culture? It is the shared values, beliefs, and norms of a specific group of people and can impact the way we see things, the way we learn, and the way we live. Culture is hugely affected by the location in which we reside and can ultimately

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1817 words - 8 pages such a meaningful arena as the election to the leader of the free world, does this happen, and why? Except, as commonly known, the President of the United States of America is Donald Trump. So how could this happen, and furthermore, in such an important election as for the President of the United States of America. The answer lies in the Electoral College. Briefly, the system of the Electoral College The system that is responsible for this is the

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532 words - 3 pages on campus, this was a constant reminder that UT was not a space designed for them. The fight against white supremacy on the UT campus has been constant struggle for the entirety of my college career and is more important now than before as I reach my fourth and final year of my undergraduate career. Though I know the university has many ways to go, I feel the removal of these monuments was a huge step. "We do not choose our history," Fenves said

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1080 words - 5 pages Untitled Name: Zyra Marie Largo Year & Section: 3-Diamond Date: 7-11-11 COMPONENTS OF PROSE & POETRY PROSE - A type of literature that is written expression without formal pattern of verse or meter. - Literary works in the from of sentences and paragraphs FICTION - a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on facts. NONFICTION - a prose writing that is about real people, places

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1858 words - 8 pages — although some of them may very well be. Bryce was my favorite cousin. He was the giant young man that carried my four-year-old self on his shoulders for the entire day when we went to Disneyland. He was a family man: he was the only one that called our grandfather, the one we all grew to hate. He was a fast learner: when his brothers were first learning how to skate, he surpassed their ability to skate and transition (which is when a skater moves

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571 words - 3 pages commented on the beauty of the birds. Dillard goes into talk about how the flocks almost unravel like yarn or a cloth, while Audubon mentioned their form as the true beauty. Audubon says how he cannot explain to the audience the beauty of the birds in this quote, “I cannot describe to you the extreme beauty of their ariel evolutions.” This gives the audience a different sense of imagery, one from each passage, Dillard goes into detail of what she

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840 words - 4 pages Free I have done to gather information so far is attend their Wednesday study groups, conversate with the college ministry leaders, and explore the ministry’s website. I learned about the study groups through a friend and as I viewed the surroundings, I wrote down my thoughts of the scenery. When I spoke to the U of A NLC ministry leader whom my friend also directed me to, she gave me a lot of insight about the organization. During this moment, I was

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663 words - 3 pages need it or purchase it. A much simpler creation was by David and his wife Micky Milley and their company was called Back 9 dips. They created buffalo chicken dip for chips. They thought this would be a popular creation because wings and chips and dip tend to be very popular foods for Americans especially during parties or the super bowl. They were asked things such as, “tell me about your business” and “how much do you sell?”. This company was

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602 words - 3 pages Grace Crowley Mrs. Cicero AP Literature and Composition 30 October 2018 Poetry Paper The cycle of life always ends in death, but the frightful aspect is not necessarily dying itself but the concept of when it will happen. This fear of timing can prevent many from conquering their dreams and ambitions which consequently is giving up one’s life too quickly. In a last plea to keep his father alive, Dylan Thomas argues in his poem “Do Not Go Gentle