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The Over Criminalization of Immigration and DACA
Jesus Alfredo Camacho Jr.
University of North Texas
Immigration is one of those things that gets blown out of proportion in the United States. Although there might be some reason as far as safety reasons go, there is no need to actively try to target immigrants. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals helps eliminate the criminalization of immigration because it allows the recipients to be in the Unites States by legal means. The ability to be in the United States legally creates opportunities for those who want a better life as far as financially and academically. The opportunity for a better life is extremely beneficial and life changing for those who enter the United States from impoverished countries. The Dream Act does provide a means for immigrants to be in the United States legally, but it does not provide a path to citizen ship. DACA can be revoked thus causing bigger problems for those who received the benefits of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
The Over Criminalization of Immigration and DACA
The over criminalization of immigration is a fairly new issue special to the current era of United States history. During World War II, Japanese concentration camps were set up. It was not necessarily criminalization of immigration, but it did instill the principle of punishment for immigration because of fear. State and local governments have been enacting legislation catered towards immigration, yet the over criminalization of immigration has never been a topic of conversation when it came to consideration of new laws. Immigration policies have created more “crimes” and criminalizing things that should not be considered crimes. DACA was not specifically created to deal with the issues of over criminalization but it did play a role in helping it simmer down. Before DACA there was the Dream Act, which was not passed into legislature. The Dream Act had a focus on education, the Dream Act must have arrived in the United States before the age of sixteen. They must have also graduated from an American high school, obtained a GED, or had been admitted into an institution of higher education. The beneficiary would have been granted conditional status if they graduated from a two year community college, completed at least two years towards a four year degree, or served in the military during the six years of the program. They would have then been eligible for permanent residency after a series of background checks and continued to show good moral character. Unfortunately, the Dream Act did not pass. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was created in place of the Dream Act, but it did not create a path to citizenship. DACA also did not place much importance on education. They just had to graduate high school, obtain a GED, or be honorably discharged veteran of the military. DACA also required its beneficiaries...


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