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Public relations are a process intended to influence the public's opinions and views. This includes ongoing activities to ensure that the company has a strong public image. The activities of public relations are useful in helping the public have a complete understanding of the company and its products or the services offered. Many times, public relations are conducted through the media i.e.; newspapers, television, magazines, etc. Public relations are often considered to be one of the primary activities included in business promotions. Public Relations are a vital part of a comprehensive marketing program. Every company, whether large or small, should have a Public Relations group in place. Public Relations will add power to your overall company's image. (Seitel, 2004) In this paper I will explore three different companies and there effective public relations programs; ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us.ExxonMobil.ExxonMobil started out on the west coast uniting two separate companies, Exxon and Mobil. They each were known as gasoline fueling stations. Many consumers would go the stations to purchase gasoline for their vehicles. Exxon was recognized by its Tiger image and Mobil by the Pegasus. Exxon and Mobil merged to become ExxonMobil. They have grown in the recent years and are now known for their gasoline and connivance stores. However, their public relations department has lacked in the areas of marketing to the general consumers. ExxonMobil offers many manufacturing needs to serve the consumers; if you need gasoline they have it. However, the general public seems to be very unaware of the other aspects of the company and its products or services, plastics, rubber, fluids, process oils or solvents, tires, bumpers, instrument panels, hoses, belts, molded products, waxes and polishes, vehicle fuel management programs and bulk delivery services. (ExxonMobil, 2001)When I think of Exxon I think of the "tiger in my tank" and putting gas in my car, when I think of Mobil I think of the red flying horse. When in all actuality ExxonMobil has many programs that they are involved in for the community, educational alliance every year all company operated service stations apply for a $500.00 educational alliance check to be given to a local school as well as each and every employee of the corporation may volunteer in their community to a non profit organization and get a $500.00 check to be given to the non profit organization every quarter. I feel as an employee of this company that their public relations department lacks in the area of communicating to the consumer, public, and employees. There are many benefits offered by ExxonMobil that we as consumers and employees are not aware of.Wal-MartWal-Mart by far is one of the biggest organizations in the world. Wal-Mart practices effective public relations not only by their advertisements but also by their involvement with the community. Wal-Mart also receives rewards and recognition worldwide. ...


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856 words - 4 pages Defining Public Relations PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5 Running head: DEFINING PUBLIC RELATIONSDefining Public RelationsTiffany Nicole JacksonUniversity of PhoenixPublic RelationsMKT/438John Kautenberger02 August 2007Defining Public RelationsWhat is public relations? Could it be a relationship occurring in the public? Or perhaps could it mean having relations (wink, wink) in public? In the business world, I think public relations means putting forth

Defining Public Relations Essay

1254 words - 6 pages Running head: Public Relations PAGE 6 Defining Public RelationsPublic Relations is how an organization defines and maintains itself to their clients and public. The positive image the organization puts forth to the public. The term public, to Public Relations is anyone who has an opinion about their client. The public could include clients, potential clients, voters, members of the community, media, charitable organizations, students, parents

Paper On Defining Public Relations

799 words - 4 pages Running head: Defining Public RelationsDefining Public RelationsJessica Van MatreDefining Public Relations PaperMKT/438Mark BradyThe specialty of Public Relations has almost infinite definitions. The specific field usually deals with issues within the media involving people and corporations rather than products or services, and is used to build rapport with the public or an organization's employees. Public relations may include employee training

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1010 words - 5 pages In today's high performance business environment public relations (PR) is more important than ever before. Public relations are a two-way communication between an organization and the public. PR, a highly evolving practice that is seldom defined the same way twice, is the cornerstone of an organization or individual's reputation within the market. This paper, in addition to defining PR, will compare and contrast examples of the many definitions

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2182 words - 9 pages distribute this product to other countries in Southeast and lower Southwest Asia.Public Relations StrategyTo be effective, the public relations professional must understand the business goals of his or her organization and be able to tie PR goals to the attainment of business goals, ensuring the PR goals are realistic and measurable. The PR professional must have an evaluation program in place in order to measure the effectiveness of the program or

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521 words - 3 pages relations ) to the fundamentals of advertising , I was always useful to refer to what is supposed to know all the business environment : What is Marketing. Philip Kotler has saved us many great task of finding a sufficiently clear and comprehensive definition , defining it as "a social and managerial process by which people satisfy their needs through the exchange of products."In other words , marketing is not designed to sell a product ( or idea

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700 words - 3 pages list goes on. C. Thesis: Community policing is an effective way to promote public safety and to immensely enhance the quality of life in a community. Community policing definitely plays a pivotal role in the defining elements of policing such as problem solving and police community relations. Citizens such as students coming home from school can take part by implementing programs for example a neighborhood watch, citizen surveys, and the list

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4303 words - 18 pages Free existence of such a law shows that entering into such relations must have been an occurrence, and the lack of overseeing of this law amoung the general Populus may mean it was a frequent occurrence. Not to mention this law plays no judgment on non-prostitution related homosexual relationships. The most well known case in which dokimasia rhetoron (examination as to fitness to participate in public life/ scrutiny of public speakers) was called upon

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3071 words - 13 pages Political Science research has clearly been relevant and instrumental in understanding the interactions of humans and the world at large. Through analysis and normative change, it has contributed significantly to areas such as political behaviour, comparative politics and international relations. In using qualitative and quantitative tools, political science has increased its relevance through institutions and policies that create change and

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1883 words - 8 pages often circumvented by self-interested organizations during the armed conflict in countries suffering from adversarial socioeconomic conditions, such as in the well-documented case of the extensive use of child soldiers in the ongoing civil war in South Sudan.             Public International Laws can be defined as the statutes and treatises, which are endorsed by international committees that aim to improve and ease diplomatic relations between

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1391 words - 6 pages debates due to a lack of agreement on what constitutes its underlying basis. In this essay, I will compare theories by Nagel and Walzer of what purports non-combatant immunity. I will start by defining the principle and explaining each philosopher’s theory for its basis. Some noble points to compare include the base assumptions, restrictions and how the consequence of the restrictions ground the principle of non-combatant immunity. Non-combatant

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3103 words - 13 pages Free DE FACTO RELATIONS REGARDING Commonwealth Powers (De Facto) Act 2003 Executive Summary The form and pass of the proposed De Facto Relationships Act 2018 in the Australian Parliament will override any existed state or territory laws regarding De facto Relationship, when all states will be able to reach the common ground. It best regulates De facto law uniformly in Australia (including its external territories) and it best addresses the

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2152 words - 9 pages with stakeholders that work out for both the business and the stakeholder. Traditionally businesses were not focused on building up customer relations; therefore there is a definite move away from the traditional transactional approach to marketing. The move requires businesses to manage their customers using Key Account Management; this system includes developing full databases to build an everlasting relationship. It is necessary to segment the

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2174 words - 9 pages Various Ties Linking Modern Literature 7 Various Ties Linking Modern Literature: The Multiple Relationships Defining Wide Sargasso and Jane Eyre Abstract Throughout Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë and Wide Sargasso Sea, written by Jean Rhys, there are obvious connections that link both pieces of literature. Within both texts, there are prevalent religious themes, along with feministic and Marxist ideas that both authors implemented in

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2132 words - 9 pages cause harm to ones business in some form. Managing the risk will set a plan that enables the business to enhance safety, meet regulatory compliance standards, minimize lawsuits, enhance management and make better business decisions. Risk management will help control any physical injury, security breaches, customer satisfaction and public relations to all guests at the resorts and staff.Define and Clarify Mission and Objectives The mission and