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Defining Public Relations Essay

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Defining Public RelationsPublic Relations is how an organization defines and maintains itself to their clients and public. The positive image the organization puts forth to the public. The term public, to Public Relations is anyone who has an opinion about their client. The public could include clients, potential clients, voters, members of the community, media, charitable organizations, students, parents the list has no end. Some may define Public Relations as publicity work and use the news or mass media to board cast positive stories about their company. This helps cultivate a good image of the company to the public. "Public Relations is the ...view middle of the document...

Public Relations is very board and yet have a simple objective, to communicate to obtain and maintain understanding through knowledge. When Public Relations is good, it will keep their business alerted to any shift in the social environment and public opinion. Public Relations is an ongoing and evolving activity that will anticipate upcoming problems and try to eliminate any causes before they erupt (Roos, 2009 ).Activities and MethodsToday, Public Relations help businesses to cope with situations that can damage their image and to build prestige for the business to promote the product or to win over the public by sweeping the negative under the carpet by using good press (Van Hook, 2000) . Many Public Relations workers are employees who actually work within the business or for the individual that helps the workers understand first hand their client's framework. Other Public Relations are counseling firms that help management keep informed of current changes that could include their employees, customers, supporters, the community and government.An organizational decision has to be made for the Public Relations staff to communicate the information to the public for understanding and to improve behavior (Dictionary, 2000). An example could be schools no longer allow sugar products to be consumed on campus. This trend is being seen in all schools nationwide because of the high obesity levels in students. The schools had to use Public Relations to explain how this trend will benefit their children. This example shows that to stop using sugar product as a reward and to focus more on positive foods like fruits and low sugar products.Successful Public Relations CommunicationsSuccessful Public Relations people are specialist in communication and their work may include: A). Programming-to analyze problems and recommending plan activities. B). Writing and Editing-reports, information that may include speeches and employee updates. C). Using and placing information that will be useful in reaching the public in a positive way. D). Directing special functions, exhibits and press releases. E). Preparing and delivery of speeches or another form of communication. F). Research and evaluate the use of reference material, interviews, through planning, training current and new staff to keep current with the goals (Van Hook, 2000). MediaThe Media has a...

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