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Heroic Acts to protect the word hero
Hero: Noun- a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model.
When I think of a hero I immediately think of someone who is strong, intelligent, handsome, and daring. Upon closer examination, many different qualities than these listed above become apparent. Courage, honesty, bravery, selflessness, and the will to try are just a few of the overlooked qualities of a hero. The definition of heroism changes with the context and time. Heroes of the past are not necessarily heroes of present time and vise versa; therefore, the definition of hero is constantly changing.
A person can be a hero for saving the life of one or of millions. Heroes are not only real people, but they are also fantasy figures. Children are extremely interested with legendary and fantasy figures because they take on tasks such as: difficult journeys, challenges with dragons, discovering lost treasure, overcoming a difficult foe and changing the nature of the world through their singular acts of courage and selflessness. They also endure much resistance, hardship, and danger. Often the hero learns valuable lessons about survival, self-reliance and how friendship is the key to success. Not only do heroes teach valuable lessons, they also give a child a sense of belonging and fulfillment. To a child, a hero is an invincible person who will change the world for the better.
There is another type of hero that almost no one is aware of. In the poorest areas of a country, live mostly minorities and other people of a difficult ethnic background. Through the course of their lives, they’ve been expected to work harder and expected not succeed in life. Some individuals living in poverty with a determination to succeed work hard all of their lives...


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