Definition Of Love Definition Essay English 102 Essay

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Justice Brown
Archana Gupta
English 102: Basic Composition II
28 March 2019
Love is a universal feeling of deep affection and attachment or for some it’s the butterflies you might feel when you’re with someone or the warm-hearted feeling a mother feels while holding her child for the first time or even the stomach ache you have after a day of laughing with friends. Love is so many things its powerful and enormous. It can be felt or interpreted in many ways or in other words there are many kinds of love such as platonic love, familial love and romantic love.
Platonic love is a non-sexual type of love shared between friends or even co-workers. This kind of love is based solely off the intimate and affectionate feelings shared between people. An example of a platonic love for myself would be the relationship I’ve developed with my best friends Kay-la and Britani and Idelesse. Over the course of four long years it was through the cutting classes to sit in the academy of finance office and play Uno all day, talking for hours about anything and everthing, the petty fighting, the crying and heart breaks, laughing, singing and just growing up together while facing the almost ironic and constant series of unfortunate events that was high school together that I grew to love them. This love formed not only through time but also through all of the experiences both good and bad that we’ve faced together or in our case high school. Being together through these times and being understanding and just there through such a temperamental time in our lives developed our friendship into so much more than just that.
Another type of love is familial love, or the love shared between family. Like platonic love is a non-sexual and affectionate feeling shared between family members or a person as close to you as family member would be while this kind of love is like the love shared between friends such as the non-sexual aspect or protective portion of both kinds of love. Familial love and Platonic love both grow over the course of time but unlike a platonic love in most cases offend me a familial love is a deeper and unconditional love. This connection comes in many forms such as a mother and her child or a sibling relationship. The connection between two or more family members form over the course of a person's life. For example, a mother falling in love with her child while pregnant and after the baby is delivered or the l...


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