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Angelica Valentin
Intro to Psychology
Fall 2018
What is the definition of psychology? The study of the mind and the function. What words does it come from? The Greek word “Psyche” meaning breathing and spirit. When did it start? 1879
(Be prepared to) describe each area/theory of psychology, and give an example.
Structuralism- Theory emboding structural principles
Functionalism- Emphasizes the mental or behavioral process
Psychoanalysis- Theories concerning consciousness and unconsciousness behavior
Gestalt- Pattern having properties that can’t be derived from component parts
Behaviorism- The theory of human or animal psychology studied through examination
Humanism- Study of humanities
Biopsychology- Effects on biological factors of behavior
Cognitive- A mental process of judgement and memory
Developmental- Growth
Health- soundness of body and mind
What is the difference between a PsyD, PhD, MA, and MD?
PsyD- A doctoral degree in Psychology
PhD- A doctorate in Philioshopy
MA- Masters of Arts
MD- A doctorate In medication
What is a theory? A set of principles on a practice of activity
What is a hypothesis? A hypothesis is an educated guess
Give one strength and one weakness for…
Case study is reasonable for exstinsive study but it is not a research method
Naturalistic observation aids in research validation however different opions makes it debateable
Surveys show great statsicial significance but they don’t have ideal questions of controversie
Archival , the research is unreliable however it does analyze previous and present researchers studies
Longitudinal and/or cross sectional , they have a clear focus and validality however they risk data that is not 100% reliable.
What is “correlation.” Give an example of a “positive correlation” and an example of “negative correlation.” A mutual relationship between two or more things.
Define the following terms:
Hypothesis , an educated guess
Independent variable, a variation that is not dependent on another
Dependent variable, a variation that is dependent on another
Experimenter bias, a process where scientists perform research influence.
Double-blind study, an experiment where neither parties know whos getting which treatment
Participant, a person who takes part
Reliability, quality of being trustworthy
What is the IRB and why is it important?
Institutional review board, protects the rights and welfare human subjects.
Compare/contrast genotype and phenotype.
A genotype is one organism genetic makeup and a phenotype is the makeup of how genetic and environmental influences contribute to an organism. A phenotype is an observable trait rather then a genotype in a organism.
Define the following parts of a nerve cell
Dendrite , segments of neutron that receive stimulation.
Axon , a long nerve fiber
Terminal buttons , located on the end of a neuron and are responsible for sending signals to more neurons.
Myelin , a surrounding part of a neuron fiber
Synapse , a struct...

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