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DesireDesire: The act of wanting; to covet. One word with so many meaning: Want, crave, longing, carnality, lust, greed and so many more. Everyone desires something: a rich and full life, lots of money, slim thighs and a flat stomach, or even a cheeseburger ( No onions please). No matter what it may be, everyone desires, or wants something, size makes no difference.Imagine what the world would be like with out this act of aspiration. We would lack that certain zeal that makes us each unique. The passionate ...view middle of the document...

What a world it would be without desire. Boring, would you not agree? Love is a form of desire and this desire enriches our existence. So what is love without desire?This six letter word makes life worth living. As a parent I desire my children to have a better life than I did, have things I did not have. Most parents desire their children to go to college, play sports, dance, or even play a musical instrument. Young adults desire every day to better their own lives and do so by continuing their education, working harder at the job, or maybe evenvolunteering their time for the less fortunate. Nothing in life would be accomplished without the burning desire to do so.Desire seems to be the soul of our existence. Unless we desire life, we stop living. If Beethoven did not have a passion for music, a desire, where would music be today? Van Gogh, Monet, great and unbelievable artist with the allconsuming desire to create the art which inspires us today. All because of desire, we continue living in this ever-fascinating world. Desire is the act of wanting; to covet the things we want; desiring to live, dance, love, cherish, sing, read, write, whatever the heart wishes. What is your desire?

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