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How to Delegate Work in Different SituationsFrom my experience I have learnt that to be effective in delegating one should:Delegate whole pieces or entire job pieces rather than simply tasks and activities.Clearly define limits of authority that go with the delegated job. Can the person hire other people to work with them? Are there any finance/budgets involved?When on the receiving end of delegation, work to make your managers' job easier and to get the manager praised. This will enhance promotability.Assess routine activities in which one is involved and see if any of them be eliminated or delegated?Never underestimate a person's potential. Delegate slightly more than one thinks the person is capable of handling. If one expects t ...view middle of the document...

One should also not delegate if you can't measure it as the appointed person wouldn't be praised accordingly.Delegation is not giving an assignment one should be asking the person to accept responsibility for a project or task. They have the right to say no.Encourage people to ask for parts the manager's job.One should never take back a delegated task because you can do it better or faster. Help the other person to learn and to do it better.Agree on the frequency of feedback meetings or reports between yourself and the person to whom you are delegating. Good communication will assure ongoing success.Delegation strengthens a managers position. It demonstrates that one is able to do the job as a manager-getting result with others. This makes one more promotable.Delegation is taking a risk that the other person might make a mistake, but people learn from mistakes and will be able to do it right the next time.Give people opportunity to think about a new way of completing a task or how to tackle a new task. This person will be more excited about doing a task when they came up with the idea of how to do it, than if the manager tells them how to do it.Be sensitive to upward delegation by staff. When staff ask you for a decision on their task, ask them to think about some alternatives, which you will then discuss with them. This way responsibility for action stays with the staff member."Push" responsibility down in a caring helpful way.Remember, you are not the only one that can accomplish an end result. Trust others to be capable of achieving it.One should also resist the urge to solve someone else's problem. They need to learn for themselves. Give them suggestions and perhaps limits but let them take their own action.


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1246 words - 5 pages Delegation in ManagementMGT/330Delegation in ManagementDelegation should be seen by a manager as an opportunity rather something to be feared or fought. It is an opportunity to help grow new talent while allowing them to better focus on the management process. Yet many managers rebel against delegating work, "despite the earnest resolve to do more delegation, a manager often finds it difficult to give an employee a job that he thinks he can do

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1046 words - 5 pages . Leadership is becoming increasingly important as businesses are encountering: Changes in organisational structures Flatter + greater delegation Teamwork + focus on quality assurance Coaching, support & empowerment Rapid Change Change is becoming a constant feature of business life Soft skills of leadership & management increasingly important Leaders inspire people and build relationships whilst taking risks whereas Managers enact a plan and use authority

Lord Kitchener of Khartoum (1850 - 1916)

391 words - 2 pages handicapped by bureaucracy and his own dislike for teamwork and delegation. His cabinet associates did not share the public's worship of Kitchener and gradually relieved him of his responsibilities for industrial mobilisation and then strategy. He was killed in 1916 when HMS Hampshire was sunk by a German mine while taking him to Russia.

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2225 words - 9 pages their rights. The scope of practice for Registered Nurses in Maryland defines the limit on what nurses are legally allowed to do which include administration of medications and treatment, teaching, counselling, supervision and delegation. The RN is accountable for delegating nursing interventions. It involves assigning a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task. The nurse gives the delegatee clear instructions and

To what extent did economic, political, and social change effect the lives of colonists after the American Revolution?

547 words - 3 pages government. The Revolution birthed many advances, including the separation of church and state, concepts of individual rights and equalities, the delegation of power through written constitutions, and the notion that the government should be by consent of the people. Some say, after the Revolution, authority and liberty did not flow from the political party of the society but from the configuration of its personal relationships, affecting social

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613 words - 3 pages working employees. As their manager, my delegation will be to use the statistics I have been provided and reach a decision that will conclude whether or not it will be more beneficial for these planners to be self sufficient or specialize. The statistics show that Phil, in one hour, can produce either 1 financial statement or answer 8 phone calls. In contrast, Francis can either produce 2 financial statements or answer 10 phone calls. When I figure

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4432 words - 18 pages , intervention, evaluation, modification) and formulation of the nursing diagnosis and delegation of duties. I have noted the following differences in the scope of LPN. An LPN in Minnesota may conduct a focused assessment of the health status of a patient and compare this data to normal findings and report changes and responses to interventions to RN. An LPN in Wisconsin is not able to provide a focused assessment, only assist in collecting data

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2448 words - 10 pages executive. Early government workers were primarily concerned with delivering the mail and collecting duties and taxes. True President George Washington sought to address the problem of delegation in part by: Appointing men of superior reputation, education, and means-as well as with financial incentives such as giving customs officials a share of goods seized from smugglers. A highly qualified member of the minority party receiving a prime

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1336 words - 6 pages . In 1974 the South African Delegation was barred from the UN general assembly” (Mayers, 2017). Thus proving that international communities did not want to interact with South Africa Due to Apartheid - also proving that International communities did actually get involved as the UN barred the South African Delegation from the general assembly. As the 1980s approached international communities continued to pressure South Africa to end Apartheid

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815 words - 4 pages viewpoint. It includes simple present words such as is. There is usage of first person pronouns such as "my". Here, we can clearly view the mother as being a person who is untruthful and lies a lot.Narrator focalizer( at the door)The narrator focaliser is at an homodiegtic level who not only observes what some of the sees and feels. Within the context of the characters as focalized objects, delegation of focalization occurs:My mother and I are kissed

American War

802 words - 4 pages of the developments of two parties. Although Adams sent a peace commission to Paris in hopes of avoiding a war, The French minister refused to make the delegation. Instead, he sent agents X, Y, and Z. This XYZ affair caused the disbelief of the Republican's policy views. The party's leaders countered by compounding the damage. Republicans responded by trying to excuse the behavior of the French while the Federalists created a militant patriotism

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961 words - 4 pages . Facilities need to be upgraded or expanded which will take the longest amount of time, new clinicians will need to be onboarded and training, new equipment will need to be installed. Question 5 Having an itemized list of what will be purchased, and individual costs is necessary. Depreciation rates should be considered when planning the project. Knowing if the $13 million would go further in cardio or oncology could help prioritize monetary delegation

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765 words - 4 pages case?   The central problem is management of the center due to lack of planning leading to inadequate delegation as well as coordination and cooperation among all existing staff which becomes essential for an organization such as this. There is a general lack of planning leading to a disorderliness in the performance of routine tasks. This leads to an excessive amount of work piling up and causing constant stress, thereby impacting performance of

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4200 words - 17 pages training in that field (Board of Nursing: Laws, Rules and Policies, 2019). Nursing Delegation in Colorado The Colorado Board of Nursing defines delegation as asking another person to perform a task for a patient while acting under their own scope of practice. The Board of Nursing defers the definition of what to delegate to the facilities that the RN works in. However, it does say that the delegation needs to fall under the scope of practice of the

The Federalists Vs. The Anti-Federalists

1367 words - 6 pages half of the Congress, the House of Representatives. Article I section 2 provides that the House of Representatives be a delegation consisting of members elected through direct elections by the people. This article provides the best defense for why the constitution is a more democratic document then the articles of confederation. Here we see that this part of the legislature is directly accountable to the public.The Anti-Federalists objected as