Deontological Ethics Chapter 13: The Categorical Imperative Immanuel Kant - Ethics - Philosophy

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Deontological Ethics Chapter 13: The Categorical Imperative Immanuel Kant
Multiple Choice
1. What does Kant consider unconditionally good?
*** good will
2. Kant claims that an action is morally good only if what?
*** both a/b (it conforms to the moral law/it is done for the sake of the moral law)
3. To do one’s duty, Kant argues, is to act how?
*** out of respect for the moral law
4. For Kant, what does having a will mean?
*** having the capacity to act in accordance with principles
5. What kind of imperative commands an action to be done as a means to some other end?
*** hypothetical
6. What kind of imperative is the imperative of morality?
*** categorical
7. According to Kant, for an action to be moral, what principle must motivate it?
*** universalizable
8. What does Kant claim respect is?
*** feeling
9. According to Kant, what are we obligated to do (be able to identify something he doesn’t think we are obligated to do)?
*** put the interests of others before our own
10. What is a Kantian explanation of why lying is wrong?
*** it involves treating another person as merely a means to an end
True or False
1. FALSE According to Kant, an action is not morally praiseworthy unless it is done in accordance with one’s strongest inclinations.
2. FALSE We always do our duty when we maximally promote the well-being of others.
3. TRUE Only a rational being can have a will.
4. TRUE Kant thinks that all rational beings necessarily desire happiness.
5. TRUE A morally valid principle is one that can serve as a universal law, applicable to all at any time or in any place.
6. FALSE Kant believes that suicide is morally justifiable in certain circumstances.
7. TRUE Kant thinks we h...

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