Depression And Anxiety In Adolescents Class Speech

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Mental health is a big issue adolescent people struggle with from day to day. It has become quite normal to have faced it, and it is getting worse, so I’d love to spread awareness and shine a light on this issue and make sure people understand and support those people in a bad area in their life no matter how old or young.
So, what do you think when you hear the word Depression? You might think of someone who’s sad all the time, or someone who isn’t well kept. That may true, however, depression isn’t noticeable at first, it’s also different for everyone. But what are the symptoms, will you ever even you know you have it? You might not know unless you check or talk to someone or a professional about it. Symptoms are Apathy, Complaints of pain, such as headaches, stomachaches, low back pain or fatigue. One might even have time struggling to concentrate, difficulty making decisions, excessive guilt, loss of interest in food and stuff they used to love, memory loss, sadness, anxiety, feeling of hopelessness, and way more. However, it can be treated by going to a therapist, etc. It may take some time more than others, but it is a road of recovery you don’t have to walk alone on.
Have you ever felt anxious for no reason, feel like you are being judged even when alone, you might have anxiety? Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the world. Over 19 million Americans have it, but it is put up to whopping 40 million by The Anxiety and Depress...


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1868 words - 8 pages (social withdrawal), changes in personality, trouble in work or school, depression or suicidal thoughts, family or relationship issues and frequent emotional and physical health issues (3). Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent form of mental health problems in youth, affecting up to 16% of adolescents (4). A 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing a survey was conducted on the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the Australian

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1392 words - 6 pages Free eat it. However, I knew I wasn’t getting up, not even if I wanted to. I had not been out of bed since I got back from the doctor’s office. I thought about the appointment I had as I glanced at the pill bottle I was given, which still sat unopened next to my bed. I thought about the bandages on my wrists as the doctor talked with my parents and I in her office. “Depression” is the only word I could hear before I tune the conversation out once

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3349 words - 14 pages Free mood, people characterised depression by a lack of energy and slow speech as well as lack of pleasure (i.e. anhedonia). Sleep is also an important factor in relation to depression, as circadian rhythms are disrupted, causing those with depression to oversleep or only have shallow sleep. Those with bipolar disorder also have these depressed episodes but alongside episodes of mania, which can include a sense of euphoria, nonstop motor activity and

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