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Depression is a Mood Disorder characterized by an overwhelming, prolonged sense of sadness
that doesn’t alter or improve based on circumstances. A person with Depression can still
experience periods of relief and periods of more intense sadness, but overall, positive feelings
feel dampened or darkened by the overreaching “cloud.” This constant weight of sadness can
cause a person to feel apathetic toward life and distanced from people, sometimes leading to
suicidal thoughts. When considering various approaches to teen depression treatment, it’s
important to understand that depression is distinct from normal sadness.A sense of sadness
that covers everything; things that used to be enjoyable lose their luster and things that used to
be simply challenging become seemingly impossible.
Because the sadness is ever-present and people who have depression have a hard time
enjoying anything, apathy sets in, causing people to have a hard time putting forth effort,
concentrating at work or school, engaging with others, or sensing purpose in anything.
This can also lead to people feeling guilty or inadequate, hopeless about things ever improving,
and helpless as to what they can do to change things. Because of all of these things, people
suffering from depression tend to feel isolated and alone, which can be one of the most
overwhelming, impossible feelings of all.Depression typically refers to major depressive
disorder, a serious mental health condition that affects millions of Americ...


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