Depth Study 3 Patterns In Nature - Science - Assignment

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Investigating Science
While this task is not part of the Assessment Schedule, it does fulfill the requirements for Depth Study hours and achievement of outcomes. Failure to demonstrate the required hours or products will result in an? N? warning.
Task type: Depth Study (1 hour)
Skills outcomes
1. Analysing data and information
INS11/12-5 analyses and evaluates primary and secondary data and information
2. Analysing data and information
INS11/12-5 analyses and evaluates primary and secondary data and information
Knowledge outcomes
1. INS11-8 identifies that the collection of primary and secondary data initiates scientific investigations
2. INS11-9 examines the use of inferences and generalizations in scientific investigations
Task Description:
Inquiry Question 3: How do humans? Does the ability to recognize patterns affect the way they interpret data?
Describe patterns that have been observed over time throughout the Universe and in nature. Answer the following questions in a Word document.
Animal migration
1. Why do animals migrate long distances? (Jen Caito, n.d.)
The majority of species migrate throughout specified seasons in search of food, water, or to breed.
3. How do animals know when to migrate? (Jen Caito, n.d.)
Usually, animals know when to migrate due to seasonal changes, such as temperature, amount of prey/ predator, rainfall, wind, and changes in other species of organisms.
4. Name a migrating animal.
Blue Whale
5. What is its migration pattern? (Rasha Aridi, 2020)
Blue whales migrate for 4,000 miles per year. They spend the hot summer months eating krill in colder northern waters before heading south to the tropics for the winter mating season.
Movement of come...

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