Describe How The Endocrine System Affect Behavior? Saber College / Intro To Psychology 14 Edition Essay

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Course: PSY 1000
Theme: Modulo 2 Discussion
Instructor: Alexandra Lis
Student: Alain Marichal
Describe how the endocrine system affect behavior? Explain
The endocrine system sends chemical messages called hormones, and hormones effect on behavior, the endocrine glands works as a chemical communication system within the body, the flow of hormones from the endocrine glands entering the bloodstream affect behavior, personality, and moods; Many of the endocrine glands secreted by the endocrine system are influenced by the pituitary gland (the master gland), which is in turn influenced by the hypothalamus, so the brain controls the body through both, the fast-nervous system, and the slower-endocrine system. The glands along with the muscles constitute the ‘effector’ organs. The various glands in the human body secrete various chemical substances necessary for growth and maintenance functions. These glands are of two broad types. One type of glands secretes chemical substances which are carried to different parts of the body through tubes or ducts, e.g. the tear glands. These are called duct glands or exocrine glands. The other types of glands deliver their secretions directly into the blood stream without the help of ducts and tubes. These are known as ductless or endocrine glands. These glands secrete chemical substances known as hormones. Hormones are directly involved in our metabolic processes and also in stimulating growth. They are very important in rendering our...

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