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Quality Management in Healthcare
Keiser University
Describe the concept of Six Sigma and the levels
How will this impact the TQM/CQI process in the U.S. Healthcare system if adopted?
HSM 691
Nina Doleyres, DHSc, MPH
Jorge L. Miranda
According (Johnson & Sollecito, 2013), Six Sigma It is a concept of quality that was announced in the years 80 and nowadays it is widely accepted in the business world. It is mainly based on the results obtained from the collection and analysis of data from the different processes that are carried out in a company. It is a results-oriented concept, where we analyze the processes taking in the center to the customer and what really brings value. It uses statistical and technical tools to systematically eliminate defects and inefficiencies to improve your processes.
Six Sigma It comes from statistics and is used in quality control processes which are related to the constant evaluation of the capacity of the process in producing the expected results, that is to say, in the numerical measure of the capacity of a process to meet customer specifications.
A process of Six Sigma It is one that produces 99.99966% defect-free outputs statistically equivalent to 3.4 defects per million opportunities.
A project Six Sigma carried out within an organization follows a methodology or phases ordered with clear and measurable objectives that can go from the reduction of the cycle time of the process, reduction of costs, reduction of the defect rate to the increase of the index of Customer qualification satisfaction (William, Johnson, 2013).
Main Features
· Customer-centric and value to be delivered by your products or services.
· Focused on processes.
· Measurement and use of data for decision making.
· It encourages the participation and commitment of the company's senior management.
· Promotes cultural change within the organization
· Elimination of defects.
· Increased customer satisfaction
· Six Sigma helps you improve your customer's satisfaction levels.
· Six Sigma reduces costs and increases your company's productivity.
· Reduces inefficiencies and waste.
· Have a human capital with competences in Six Sigma helps increase the return on your investments.
Six Sigma versus traditional quality control approaches
1. In Six Sigma decisions are taken only based on the data. In quality approaches, decisions are made based on the combination of the data and some subjective aspects on the part of the process owners.
2. In Six Sigma performs a control of the process inputs while what in traditional quality approaches, process inspection methods are applied.
3. In Six Sigma there is a demand in the use of statistical tools that help to analyze and solve the problems. In traditional approaches, there is no formality in the application of statistics to support key decision-making.
4. Six Sigma gives priority to prevention instead of inspection. In traditional approaches, inspection is given priority rather than prevention.
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