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Day after day, hardship after hardship, my family and I try to battle the unwavering fights that life is constantly dishing out. Growing up in a tough environment, both financially and emotionally, I’ve been put through many difficult circumstances. All of which I look back on and am able to realize that it was precisely these circumstances that has made the biggest contribution to molding the person I am today. A person that I am very proud to say is mature, responsible, and hardworking and whom I know my father and brothers are both proud of.
Family and all that it encompasses, means a great deal to me. However, I didn’t always have the traditional, intertwined, and inseparable family. My parents divorced when I was in elementary and it was the most heartbreaking thing I had ever experienced. Unfortunately, my mother wasn't around anymore and this was the biggest challenge because as a girl, you need and want your mother for the things that a father isn’t necessarily fit for. However, it was because of this circumstance of being alone in confusing times, that I had no choice but to become independent and not need to rely on anybody as I grew older. In addition, being the only girl, made everything so much harder. But I learned to channel all my inner emotions and use it to fuel my fire and aspirations.
I always get asked the question, “How do I do it? Is it hard being the only girl?” I humbly respond with a yes. I am not one to make excuses and try my best to refrain from using them. But the truth is, at least in my experience, there are numerous drawbacks to being the only girl. I was constantly the one left out. My brothers were a cohesive group who had little interest in involving me in their plans and decision making solely based on the fact that I was a girl. However it made me grow in confidence by standing up and believing in myself in all that I've ever done and will do. The benefit of having five brothers is that it instilled in me the values such as love, compassion, teamwork, and responsibility. As big an impact that my brothers have had on my life, it does not compare to the substantial impact that my father has had on it. No one will ever hold a bigger place in my heart than he. The motivation and inspiration that I have is a product of the unconditional love, wisdom, and support my father has given me throughout my life. He is the reason I have the ambition to make my dreams and future goals a soon to be reality.
My father has been put through so m...


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