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Describe the Life of Marie Curie
In order to describe the life of Marie Curie effectively it is necessary to take into account multiple factors.
Maria Sałomean Skłodowska was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7th, 1867. She was the youngest of
the five children of Bronislawa and Władysław Skłodowski. Her parents were both from families of the
minor Polish nobility, who had been stripped of their lands and political powers after the defeat of Poland by
Tsarist Russia. During Maria’s birth, the city of Warsaw was under the bitter occupation of Communist
Russia (USSR) and the Nazi occupation.
Both of Marie Curie's folks were teachers, and she was the most youngest of five kids, following kin, Józef,
Zosia, Hela and Bronya. As a young child Curie took after her dad, Wladyslaw, a math and material science
teacher. She had a brilliant, inquisitive and independent personality. Be that as it may, catastrophe struck
early as when she was just 10, Curie lost her mom, Bronislawa, to the disease, tuberculosis. One of Marie's
educators organised an exploration for her to consider the attractive properties in a compound piece of steel.
In an orchestrating lab space, she was acquainted with a young fellow named Pierre Curie. Pierre was a
splendid specialist himself and had imagined a few instruments for estimating attractive fields and power. He
masterminded a minor space for her at the Civil School of Modern Material Science where he worked. Marie
wedded French physicist Pierre Curie on July 26, 1895.
Marie Curie found radioactivity, and, together with her significant other Pierre, the radioactive components
polonium and radium. Enthralled with the works by Henri Becquerel, a French physicist who found that
uranium pushes off beams weaker than the X-beams, Marie Curie pushed his work a couple of strides
further. Curie directed her own trials on uranium beams and found that they stayed consistent, regardless of
the condition or type of the uranium. The beams, she believed, originated from the component's nuclear
structure. This progressive thought made the field of nuclear material science. Curie herself authored
"radioactivity" to depict the marvels. Following Marie's revelation of radioactivity, she proceeded with her
exploration with Pierre. Working with the mineral pitchblende, the match found another radioactive
component in 1898. They named the component polonium, after Marie's local nation of Poland. In any case,
after Marie found radioactivity, Pierre set aside his own work to assist her with her examination.
In 1903, Curie got the Nobel Prize in physics, alongside her significant other and Henri Becquerel, for their
work on radioactivity. With their win, the Curies built up a universal notoriety for their logical endeavours,
and they utilised their prize cash to proceed with their examination. Curie won her second Nobel Prize, In
1911, this time for Chemistry, for her revelation of radium and polonium. While she got the prize alone, she
shared the respect together with her late spouse in her acknowledgment address. Around this time, Curie
joined with different renowned researchers, including Albert Einstein. Curie dedicated quite a bit of her time
towards World War I to preparing cars in her own research facility, the Radium Organization, with x-ray
device to help the debilitated. It was these autos that ended up referred to in the battle area as "little Curies."
Before the finish of the war Curie was past her fiftieth year, with quite a bit of her physical vitality
effectively spent—alongside her reserve funds, which she had energetically put resources into war securities.
In any case, her commitment was boundless. The year 1919 saw her establishment at the Radium
Organization, and after two years her book “La Radiologie et la guerre” was distributed. In it she gave a most
useful record of the logical and human encounters picked up for radiology (the utilization of radiation) amid
the war. Toward the finish of the war, her little girl Irène, a physicist, was designated as a right hand in her
mom's research facility.
Curie once in a while articulated open remark of any length. One of the special cases was her announcement
at a gathering in 1933 on "The Future of Culture." There she rallied to the barrier of science, which a few
specialists considered in charge of the dehumanisation of current life. "who think that science has great
beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician; he is also a child placed before natural
phenomena which impress him like a fairy tale. We should not allow it to be believed that all scientific
progress can be reduced to mechanism, machines, gearings, even though such machinery also has its own
beauty." The most inspiring background of the last period of Curie's life was presumably the marriage of her
little girl Irène in 1926 to Frédéric Joliot (later Joliot-Curie), the most skilled collaborator at the Radium
Establishment. A little while later it was clear to her that their association would nearly look like her own
particular brilliantly imaginative organisation with Pierre Curie. She worked nearly to the simple end and
prevailing with regards to finishing the composition of her last book, “Radioactivité.” In the most recent
years her more youthful little girl, Ève, was her incredible help. Ève was additionally her mom's dependable
sidekick when, on July 4, 1934, Curie kicked the bucket in Sancellemoz, France. Albert Einstein (1879–
1955) once stated, "Marie Curie is, of every celebrated being, the special case whom notoriety has not
Marie Sklodowska was born in Warsaw and has always been a scientist; her father was a distinguished
professor and her husband, Pierre Curie will never be forgotten. She was educated at Warsaw and at Paris
and has been Professor of Radiology at Warsaw. It is superfluous to mention her discoveries in science and
now she has discovered America. There is only one thing rarer than genius, and that is radium. She illustrates
the combination of both.

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