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Describe The Step By Step Process Of Evaluation

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Describe the step by step process of evaluationThe step by step process of evaluation includes:Safety policy and its objectivesManagement commitment and responsibility: The organisation shall define its safety policy which should be in accordance with international and national requirements reflect organisational commitments regarding safety and provision of the necessary human and financial resources for its implementation. The safety policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.Safety accountabilities: The organisation shall identify the Accountable Executive who, irrespective of other functions, shall have ultimate responsibility and accountability, on behalf of the organisation, for the implementation and maintenance of safety management system. Safety responsibilities, accountabilities and ...view middle of the document...

Safety risk managementHazard identification: The organisation shall develop and maintain a formal process that ensures that aviation safety hazards are identified. This should include the investigation of incidents and accidents to identify potential hazards.Risk assessment and mitigation: The organisation shall develop and maintain formal process that ensures analysis, assessment and control of safety risks in operations to an acceptable level.Safety assuranceSafety performance monitoring and measurement: The organisation shall develop and maintain the means to verify the safety performance of the organisation and to validate the effectiveness of safety risks controls. It shall be verified in reference to the safety performance indicators and safety performance targets of the SMS.The management of change: The organisation shall develop and maintain a formal process to identify changes within the organisation and its operation, which may affect established processes and services, to describe the arrangements to ensure safety performance before implementing changes and to eliminate or modify safety risk controls that are no longer needed to effective due to changes in the operational environment.Continuous improvement of the SMS: The organisation shall develop and maintain a formal process to identify the causes of substandard performance of the SMS, determine the implications of substandard performance of the SMS, determine substandard performance in operations, and eliminate or mitigate such causes.Safety promotionTraining and education: The organisation shall develop and maintain a safety training programme that ensures the personnel are trained and competent to perform all safety management system duties efficiently and accurately.Safety communication: The organisation shall develop and maintain formal means for safety communication that ensures that all personnel are fully aware of the SMS, conveys safety critical information, and explains why particular safety actions are taken and why safety procedures are introduced and changed.

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