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Description Essay (Savannah Bales)
Description Essay
Description Essay (Savannah Bales)
Amber S. Evans
Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure to meet Savannah Bales. Savannah is a very outgoing person who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She was once a resident of Washington but her and her family moved to South Carolina to start a business. Savannah has a big heart and would do anything to help a person out. We will be in class together for a year so I look forward to growing our bond into a friendship.
Savannah is a five foot, three inches tall Caucasian female. She has gorgeous long red hair.. Savannah was born September twenty fifth in nineteen ninety six making her twenty years old. She is from Issaquah, Washington but moved to South Carolina with her family when she was just fourteen years old to help her parents open up two big pizza restaurants called Papa Murphy’s. Savannah has two birthmarks, one on her thigh and the other on her neck. She loves homecooked food but she says she could just live off of Dunkin Donuts coffee if her body would allow it.
Just like me Savannah comes from a very big family. Her father, John, has six siblings where as her mom has five. Savannah herself has three half-sisters and no brothers. With her having so many aunts and uncles Savannah has the pleasure to have lots of cousins. Moving to South Carolina was a big change for Savannah and her family. Unlike Washington, Savannah explains to me that when they arrived in South Carolina everyone was so much more calm and didn’t seem like they were in a rush for anything. Savannah and her family were use to everyone being “rude” so coming to the south was definitely a big change for them.
Savannah is very outgoing and will start a conversation with anyone. She says it’s hard for her to find a person she doesn’t like. With that being said she hates when people are judgmental and “two-faced” she would rather everyone just be honest if they have a problem with someone. Savannah has a big heart but, she has a bad habit of saying things before thinking about how people will respond. She doesn’t mean any harm by it, her mouth just goes faster than her mind. Like many other people Savannah seems to procrastinate a lot in life. When doing assignments she always try’s to find something else to do so she can put it off a little longer.
Three years ago Savannah met her boyfriend Steven who she became madly in love with. To save up money Savannah and her boyfriend have been living with her parents dreaming of the day they could buy their first home together. In the path of trying to make their dreams come true Savannah had a surprise pregnancy which ended up being the best blessing in their life so far. Savannah and Stevens baby boy is now seven months old and looks just like Savannah with the red hair and freckles. Even though having a kid slowed them down a little with buying a house Savannah says she hopes to have enough saved for a down payment by the beginning of next year.
Savannah was born into a Christian family. Although she doesn’t go to church every Sunday she believes in a God and a afterlife. Christmas and Easter is a big deal with the Christianity religion. Savannah’s family celebrates both holidays by getting together with their family in Washington and having a big dinner. On Easter they wake up and attend a church service in a big church uptown. After Easter the family gets together to eat dinner and hide eggs for the children to find. On Christmas everyone in her immediate family wakes up really early and exchanges presents then usually goes back to sleep for a little while. Later that day they meet up with their other relatives for a big family dinner at grandmas. Thanksgiving is another big holiday Savannah celebrates. Once again Savannah and her family go to her grandmas in Washington to have a big family meal and tell everyone what they are thankful for. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving aren’t the only holidays they celebrate. They also celebrate other holidays such as, Valentines Day, and Halloween. Thanksgiving is Savannah’s all time favorite with Christmas coming in a close second. .
Savannah’s red hair and freckles come from her being seventy five percent Irish. Looking just like her dad she gets all her Irish traits from him. I knew very little about the Irish culture so I was very interested in learning more.  Ireland is often called the ‘land of saints and scholars’ referring to the golden age of monastic learning, or ‘the emerald isle’ referring to the green landscape. The flag was adopted in 1919 by the Irish Republic during its war of independence and subsequently by the Irish Free State. It was given constitutional status under the 1937 Constitution, which established the Republic of Ireland. The flags colors are green, white, and orange. Also, while researching I found out that the White House was actually built by a Irish man named James Hoban. Another fun fact is An Irish-American man established the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford’s father was born in the rural West Cork town of Ballinascarthy. Henry Ford was immensely proud of his Irish roots and celebrated this fact by opening the first Ford factory outside the US on April 17th 1917 in Cork City. Thirty-three million American people claim to have Irish ancestors which is seven times the population of Ireland. (Molly, 2017)
When I was talking with Savannah about some of the information I learned from researching she was shocked by some of the facts I found. Savannah didn’t know that Henry Ford was Irish and found that pretty cool. Savannah also told me that St Patrick’s day is actually more solemn in Ireland. To Americans it’s usually about drinking but in Ireland she says most people don’t even drink on that day.
I loved having the chance to get to know Savannah better and researching more about her Irish background. I found out a lot of interesting information about her and the Irish culture. Savannah is a loud, outgoing, energetic person who is full of life. I look forward to finishing this program with her and creating a friendship.
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