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Arriving to Brickell is walking straight into a snazzy, luxurious, intricate part of what
makes up the cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city of Miami. Crowds of people littering the
narrow streets, anxiously moving through the humidity to begin the celebration. There is an
indefinite amount of close to overfilling parking lots and garages at roughly every corner; plastic
white signs revealing off-the-wall charging prices to leave a vehicle for a molecule number of
hours. Ear piercing, booming, Latin music playing that could be heard from the top of the 6-floor
parking garage. In near sight the original choice of where to start the fiesta: Mexican restaurant
Rosa Mexicano. Showing off its tiresome colored walls and a poorly decorated outdoor pathway
leading indoors. Walking in, greeted immediately by a jam-packed lobby showing the
tightlipped, sullen faces of the irritable people who have easily been waiting hours for their turn
to be called. The same insane amount of people who walked in, with hopes that a table would cut
their celebration short, is the same amount of people who also pulled out their Apple Maps,
going into the restaurant tab seeking in desperation for any other restaurant in nearby proximity.
Just a block away by foot, Apple Maps lead the 300 ft. long path towards the $1 billion outdoor
shopping and mixed-use center, where Tacology is placed at the top of the Centers many floors.
Despite the additional 5 minutes added to the walk once entering the Center to reach
Tacology, the joyous music and the peoples laughter could be heard as we inched closer and
closer. Finally, a smooth ride from the escalator leading right to a woozy crowd, that’s being
entertained by an outside bar with a lively bartender as curtesy to their sizeable parties. The
specialty drink of the day is a margarita, each made with lots of Mescal. The mix of the freshly
squeezed lime with hints of orange liqueur and rock salt swirling and creating a smooth blend of
tropic taste on the tongue, no other drink comes to mind while downing it with pleasure. My eyes
get lost as they scan the upscale, hip, traditional Mexican themed decorations wrapped all around
the outdoor wooden terrace. Several of bright colors, like those from a piñata, on flower cutout
banners dangling and dancing along with the light breeze to the rich Latin music playing. A
visible corner from the outside in, the DJ is slightly moving his body as if he were dancing to
salsa, but ever so slightly, to the carefully chosen blend of Latin music keeping the fiesta vibes
high. There is a photo booth including all types of props from mustaches to maracas to little
Mexico flags to use for taking home a memorable photo. In the hallway next to the happily

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