Descriptive Writing My First Experience With A Tornado Eng101 Descriptive Writing

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Trisha Sattler
ENG 101-528
Professor Ross
Descriptive Essay
My First Experience with a Tornado
It was in the wee morning hours on a chilly February night when I was awoken to frightening and startling sounds of tree limbs breaking and wind whipping. I think about just watching the weather reports that afternoon and thinking it was quite a different day than from any other in January, as a warm front was nearing. We were enthralled with the weather; trying to keep up as to where the storms would be that evening. There was a smell of dew and rain in the air as the thunderstorms and heavy rain were rampaging in the distance. The eerie noise of the wind whistling through the air, getting louder by what seemed the minute, but knowing it was sure to just be thunderstorms I turned off the weather and enjoyed the sound of rain and thunder as I fell to sleep.
It was not long before we began to hear sounds of booming rumbles closer to us and intense rain striking the side of our home. Tornado sirens screaming in the rain, as the sirens echoed through the quiet neighborhoods. We get up from bed and throw robes over our night clothes. Beyond the curtains, I could see the cracks of light flashing as the lightening struck a dark, almost purple sky. I turn on the television in the living room to get the most recent update and it was a worse than I had originally thought. At this point tornadoes had popped up all over the state. It was a long line of threatening storms with tornado warnings all over the screen.
We were panic-stricken and knew we would need to find a safe place to take cover. As we collect our important things and crowd together trying to find a pl...


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