Desktop Upgrade Management Project And Financial Analysis And Human Resource And Potential Risks Project Management Assignment

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Business Case for Project Name: Upgrade Desktop
Date: 22/05/2018
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1.0 Introduction/ Background
Cheap Car Rentals commenced services in early 2011 using a modern fleet and leased cars. Initial services linked all Australian major cities. Cheap Car Rentals has expanded its services in New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The company also has plans to expand its business to the Americas.
The company is expanding at a fast rate which means the demand of IT Services, processes and technologies will need to be upgraded and redesigned to meet the future demands of the business
Due to this change, the project team has recommended executing a project to upgrade the current desktop computer systems.
2.0 Business Objective
TO upgrade all organizational Desktop Computing fleet, leveraging the lasts Desktop infrastructure and software technologies, increasing effectiveness and efficiencies on IT Cost, productivity, morale, customer satisfaction and business revenue. A strategy will need to be formulated relating to Scope of the upgrade project, relating to Desktop Infrastructure and Software elements, also considering the Automation deployment processes relating to the newest Desktop Image (i.e. Operating System, applications and software).
The organization will have to also get into Desktop Computer based IT Contracts and relationships with new Suppliers of the Desktop fleet, who will be responsible in the provision of the upgraded Desktop infrastructure and services technologies.
3.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity
Over the past few months of operations, the Executive team has received negative feedback from the user base, complaints concerning IT Service Performance, which could be attributed to the outdated desktop/laptop fleet, which could be addressed through an upgrade of the fleet.
There is the opportunity to hire and train project staff, to engage in the Desktop Upgrade project, these people will be upskilled, have greater project and technology knowledge, which then can be used on future projects, less efforts and time wasting in rehiring and retraining project personnel. Further, engaging in Supplier and procure management activities the organization will have built strong relationships through tender process and contract, which then these relationships can also be used for future project aspects in the future. The project will also secure the future demand and supply issues relating to IT Services, making the organization IT Service more robust and ‘future proof’, which has the positive impact of increasing customer and staff mora...


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