Desribe And Evaluate The Filter Theory Of Attraction A Level Essay

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Describe and evaluate the filter theory of attraction in romantic relationships (16 marks).
A01; Outline Filter Theory in terms of partner choice we have a field of “availables”, which are the field of romantic partners which we could realistically form a relationship with.
-But not everyone available to us is desirable.
-According to K&D; three main factors that act as filters to narrow down our range of partner choice.
1. Social Demography 1st level
2. Similarity in Attitudes 2nd level
3. Complementarity 3rd level
-Different filters are prominent at different stages of partner selection.
-Class, religion and location are most important in initiating a relationship.
-As relationship develops similarity of attitudes and underlying values is more important.
-Finally partners asses in terms of whether they are compatible, personality traits complement individuals own traits.
A01; 3 Filters
1. Social Demography 1st level; age, social background and geographical location which determine likelihood of individuals meeting in first place.
· Individuals generally limited to those who live near us, work with us.
· One too different is discounted as a potential partner.
· Outcome of this homogamy- more likely to form relationship with someone who shares the same characteristics as you.
2. Similarity in Attitudes 2nd level; partners share important beliefs and values, filter one narrowed the field to those who have significant social and cultural characteristics in common.
· Central importance at the start of a relationship.
· Partners who are different in attitude and values not suitable for continuing relationship so filtered out from field of potential long term partners.
3. Complementarity 3rd filter; ability of romantic partners to meet each other’s needs.
· K&D found complementarity more important for long term partners, people have different needs like each other as they provide each other w...


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