Destination Unknown Punk Is Not Dead Diman Regional Technical High School, English Essay

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Hannah Dias
Ms Wood
ELA 03
Prompt 6/7?: Destination Unknown
Im mostly numb but trying to feel something other than self-deprecating thoughts, interrupting all the time. I think ahead more than I should. I feel too much or don't feel anything at all. I'm only 17 and all I can think about is if my life will have a purpose or not. I have lost all of my friends; every couple years from moving. I have made new friends but I know one day I shall lose them too. I have felt many ways throughout life, with everyone i've ever seen, it feels they have been, but a dream. Forgotten, but remembered, just enough to feel the loss of losing them. Mourning friendships that are gone, probably, forever. Probably forever. I miss the connections i've made with people. I miss the human contact. I miss the call of my name from whom I could not live with out; yet i am. Existing. There is only a couple things that i've held onto. That is music, punk/noise shows, art, and most of my thoughts that I need to survive.
What does “free” mean to you? I owe the world nothing, At the same times it feels like I owe myself, and the world everything. The moment in the crowd, in a dirty place, the bottom of a house covered in art. Free. Free thoughts. Free everything. You can feel the weight of all judgement of all criticism of all everything that has ever wronged you; leave you. If it doesn't leave you while the music is playing, while you're jumping around, while you're screaming as loud as you can...

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