Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline: Part Ii

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As General Electric (GE) moves closer toward their goal of selling air conditioners in India, a more thorough analysis needs to be done in order to eliminate any potential mishaps in achieving success in the global marketplace. The different elements of the international venture need to work together seamlessly. The following paper outlines GE's venture. The market segment GE is targeting and positioning of the product line are both described in detail. The international marketing strategy is outlined with respect to the product, promotional strategy, pricing strategy, and distribution. A marketing budget is designed to incorporate promotions for the air conditioners and deals with all ...view middle of the document...

The High Commission of India, London (2008) stated, "Northern Plains of India, to the north of River Ganga, has the extreme climate. Summers are hot, humid, and extremely harsh" (¶ 2).GE is marketing small, portable air conditioners that fit nicely into an apartment home. Therefore, GE must concentrate on inner-cities where apartment buildings are most prevalent, such as New Delhi, Kanpur, and Barabanki. New Delhi is the capital of India and the best city to market in ( Overall, the market segment for GE's portable air conditioner consists of consumers living in apartment buildings in New Delhi, India.International Marketing StrategyThe international marketing strategy for GE air conditioners is themed around providing better air quality in the home environment. Prior research shows a large majority of individuals having health issues, such as asthma, due to the poor quality of air combined with the extreme heat conditions. GE hopes to influence asthma sufferers to purchase air conditioners to improve their health and provide better living conditions throughout the home.ProductGE is promoting air conditioners to the family market segment. The prevalence of poor air quality and high temperatures create an increasing number of individuals with asthma. The majority of people living in India live in smaller apartments with barred windows for protection. With these conditions being prevalent, GE is promoting portable air conditioners within the small to medium size frame. The air conditioners are small enough to fit into a room inconspicuously but yet provide cooler air conditions for the amount of space.Promotional StrategyGE promotes the use of air conditioners with promotions. One promotional strategy used is the instant, discounted coupon marketed on the outside of the box. Promotions for GE are based on the quality reputation of GE products. GE hopes the instant coupon is an extra incentive to purchase air conditioners, allowing customers to receive the discount immediately instead of waiting for up to 12 weeks for mail-in rebates the competitors offer.Another promotion GE uses is the promotional mailer outlining the new product line GE is marketing. Highlights of the product size, portability, health benefits, competitive cost, instant discount coupon, and reputation of GE are all promoted on the postcard. The internet site is also listed on the promotional mailer to promote internet orders.PricingPricing of the air conditioners in India is not high end. With the segment GE promotes being family-oriented, costs are of the essence. GE hopes to price the air conditioners comparative with the competition in hopes of providing a quality product at a cost-effective price. Sales keep the product in existence. Initial sales of air conditioners are backed with the instant discounted coupon for further promotion in relation to price.DistributionDistribution of air conditioners internationally is a more challenging task. GE...


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