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Corruption happens in the U.S Prison system in many different ways. In many cases the simplest type of corruption is what we may see on TV such as officers accepting bribes that include drugs or sexual encounters, officers sneaking weapons in for inmates, medications, and basically favors that may benefit both the officer and inmate. In different cases the bosses within the jails as well as directors have been blamed for concealing infringement by officers inside the jail, an example being the physical abuse some inmates encounter from the correctional officers.
Purpose of Study
Corruption has always been a issue in U.S prison institutes. Our justice system allows for criminals to be sent to correctional institutions with an end goal to keep people in general safe, and in addition to get the offenders to act on the track once discharged back into society. But unfortunately while in these institutions they are kept in, numerous jail officers are mistreating them, harassing them and physically mishandling them which deters a person's mind, and outlook on authoritative figures. The article states that “Prisons defile not only the physical bodies of inmates but also their souls, making them far more dangerous when they are released.” (pg.21) The corruption within the outside world is almost identical to the corruption within a place where people are supposed to go to change their negative ways. The purpose of this article is to show that there are ways to end the corruption by reinforcement of the previous methods being put forth.
Study Methodology
Quantitative research methods were not used due to the unlikeliness of the information given through interviews and surveys not being as accurate as possible. The fears were that those who were being interviewed may fake the responses that they gave which would make it seem as though the corruption and abuse isn’t actually as bad as its being presented, also often times prison directors will have to give their approval for such studies in which they may then have the opportunity to monitor their employees which could have a massive effect on the truth as well. The method used was under a standard based viewpoint that aimed for the highest amount of success for the most people, the idea at hand was not to create new methods but to improve the older methods enforcing the strict presentation of professionalism and the sensibleness of correctional officers. “The pedagogy of this article is based on the dualism of knowledge, namely, the theoretical (i.e., the rational desire) and the perceptual (i.e., the sensory experience).” (pg.23)
1. What is Professor Souryal's proposal for creating a "civil" prison environment which he theorizes will lead to lower rates of corruption by correctional personnel?
Professor Souryal’s proposal for creating a “civil” prison environment
· The Equalizer: The Ideal of Public Service (last paragraph)
Question #2: An alert and conscientious managem...


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