Did Katerince Change In Taming The Shrew How Did Katerine Change In Taming Of The Shrew Essay

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Shakespeare prd#3
Did Katherine Change In Taming of the Shrew?
Many people are expected to act a certain way based on their race,gender and age. During the
1500-1600s women were expected to act disty, sweet, kind and submissive. In the book taming
of the shrew”written by William Shakespeare Katherine is the shrew in the begging of the book
and at the end of the book she is tamed. Katherine shifted to the gender norms during that time
Katherine was a very disrespectful, smart, aggressive ​she is stubborn, is sometimes obnoxious,
and does not allow herself to be ordered around by men which women did not normally do
during the time period.​ In act one after Baptista said Bianca (Katherine's sister) can’t marry until
Katharine does gremio said “she’s too rough” which in other word she acts like a “man” or more
manly than him. Gremio continues to say “though her father be very rich,any man is so very a
fool to be married to hell”. (124-126)Gremio insist that Katherine is a devil. During the first
meeting with her and Petruchio who is her soon to be husband she hits him while his giving her
all the attention and compliments she never had before. she proceeds to talk very rude to him.
But Petruchio doesn’t care and tells her about their plans of marriage. Petruchio is the only guy
who can handle her aggression because he has the same personality as her. Even on ...


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