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Diet Planning Assessment Essay

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Liza KaneSport & Exercise NutritionI am a dietician working at the University of Iowa's Campus Wellness and Recreation Center. Recently, I had a current student of the University come to me seeking assistance. My client is a 21-year-old female that weighs 150 pounds and is 5'5 in height. Her primary goal is to lose 10 pounds over the next 6 months by incorporating exercise into her daily routine. She has begun walking to each of her classes everyday, which adds up to a total of one hour of walking per day. She also exercises at the Recreation Center 3 times a week, where she does 45 minutes of moderate to intense cardiovascular activity and 20 minutes of moderate weight lifting. To help ...view middle of the document...

63, whereas $3.95 was the cost of one serving of the home cooked meal. However, although slightly more expensive, Subway was much faster than the home cooked meal. To go to Subway, order a sandwich, and get back home to before eating, it took a total of about 9 minutes. On the other hand, to prepare the home cooked meal, it took more around 75 minutes before eating it.As for Nutrient content, I compared both the nutrient density and overall nutrient information of both meal options. As Table 2 shows, the foot long sub from Subway had higher amounts of carbohydrates (92 g), saturated fat (2 g), and sodium (1340 mg) than the meal prepared at home which only had 35.4 g of carbohydrates, 0.3 g of saturated fats, and 577.9 mg of sodium. Although the Subway sandwich is 157 kilocalories more than the home cooked meal, the home cooked meal is actually higher quality due to it's nutrient density. The home cooked meal was over 10 grams higher in protein, which would leave my client with more satiety. Along with satisfaction, the higher protein content in the home cooked meal is important when considering my client's goals and physical activity. Although the Subway meal was slightly higher in fat (.8 g), it was also significantly higher (1.7 g) in saturated fat, which, simply puts, tells my client and I that the fat content in the home cooked meal is much more desirable fats for her diet. On top of the nutrient content of both meals, when considering my client's BMR, the home cooked meal is a much better option for her 1,446 kcals per day.After comparing both meal's nutrient density, we came to the conclusion that my client earned the most bang for her buck eating our home cooked meal, as it proved to be more nutrient dense than the Subway sandwich. Although table 3 shows that Subway has higher amounts of nutrients in many of the categories, there is also a significant caloric difference (117 kcal) between the Subway sandwich and home cooked meal. Another 117 kcals of the home cooked meal would put, with an exception to the carbohydrate content, fairly above the Subway sandwiches protein and fat. Although the fat content of both meal options would still remain rather similar in amounts, as mentioned earlier, Subway's sandwich has a much higher amount of saturated fats than the home cooked meal, which would make the home cooked meals fats more desirable for her diet.After reviewing our client and her weight loss goals, I would encourage her to try and prepare a healthy meal at home either once or twice a week as opposed to picking up a Subway sandwich. Due to her 1,448 BMR, I would explain the importance of having...

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