Digital Marketing In Contemporary Business And Future Perspective Australian Catholic University Digital Marketing Essay

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Student: Jan Jacob Meinen (S00243801)
Course: Digital Marketing – the connected space
Lecturer: Mrs Francesca Caflisch-Martin
Campus: North Sydney
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Marketing Essay
Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business Practises and Future Perspective
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Date: 04-05-2018
Table of Content
Introduction 2
Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business 3
Digital Marketing 3
Paid Digital Marketing 3
Owned Digital Marketing 4
Earned Digital Marketing 4
Converged Media 5
Changes in Marketing – Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing 6
Changes in Customer Behaviour 6
Information is Key 7
Digital Marketing in the future 8
Augmented Reality 8
Visual Improvements 8
Location Tracking 8
Conversational User Interfaces 9
Higher Data-driven Marketing 9
Higher Individual Marketing 9
Conclusion 10
Works Cited 11
The use of marketing in business perspective has changed over the past decades, as the common use of traditional marketing campaigns shifted to use of digital marketing concepts. Traditionally, companies that spend a lot of financial means on marketing efforts where usually the ones that succeeded in spreading their message to the public. Digital marketing is completely different; it is not about only the money anymore, but more importantly about how to most attractively and eye-catching a business uses their digital channels. (Agrawal, 2016)
Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the process of marketing products and services to customers via a digital platform. (Financial Times, n.d.) There are multiple modes of digital marketing platforms that are currently used by various businesses. Besides the various types, there are three main categories; paid marketing, owned marketing and earned marketing. (Lieb & Owyang, 2012)
Paid Media
Paid marketing media are advertisements that will incur costs for the company, like pay-per-click campaigns, banner advertisements, paid influencers and social media reach campaigns. (Machin, 2017)
Owned Media
Owned media are the properties a company has online. This may include a website, blog page, mobile applications or social media channels. The company owns in this case the property, which makes it free-of-charge for them to use this type of digital marketing. (Machin, 2017) One of the widely adopted strategies nowadays, excellent customer service, is usually executed by using digital marketing platforms, like a corporate Facebook page, in order to help a customer quick. (Agrawal, 2016)
Earned Media
Earned media is the exposure a company gets by people sharing content on various (social) media platforms, via online sharing of for instance a Facebook post, mentioning a company online or writing product or services reviews....

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