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Introduction:Technology has certainly changed the world. In our every day life we can see many changes in technology. Like say for live example yesterday I was searching for a digital camera. I found the latest one is 3MP (Mega pixel) and today I found that they came up with 4MP of digital camera in market. Unbelievable that fast is technology changing. Not only in digital camera, since last many years consumer electronic field have changed dramatically. Say for instance you can now watch movies on DVD (digital versatile disk), record TV shows on disk-based PVRs (personal video recorders), connect to the internet using cable modems, and get hundreds of channels of satellite-delivered TV ...view middle of the document...

"[1]What is digital television / broadcasting?DTV is a new type of broadcasting technology that will transform television as we now know it. DTV technology will allow broadcasters to offer television with movie-quality picture and CD-quality sound, along with a variety of other enhancements. DTV technology can also be used to transmit large amounts of other data into the home, which may be accessible by using your computer or television set.It is said about digital television that it is almost like watching something live.DTV is the evolution from ordinary analog television viewing into a world of sharper, richer, more engaging picture and sound quality than ever before experienced.Like the transition from black-and-white to color, the progression to Digital TV broadcasting marks an unprecedented improvement in a technology that has been embraced by Americans for more than 50 years.How does it works?OR say What makes digital television so special?To understand DTV working we have to get an brief idea of how analog TV broadcasting so by comparing that two we can get a good idea of DTV.First of all what is wrong with analog TV?The resolution of the TV controls the crispness and detail in the picture you see.The resolution is determined by the number of pixels on the screen.An analog TV set can display 525 horizontal lines of resolution every thirtieth of a second. In reality, however, an analog TV displays half of those lines in a sixtieth of a second, and then displays the other half in the next sixtieth, so the whole frame is updated every thirtieth of a second. This process is called interlacing.From last few decade we are using computer screens and very much conditioned to the computer screens. The display resolution of a computer screen is minimum 640*480. Because of the interlacing, the effective resolution of a TV screen is perhaps 512x400 pixels. For example, when a WebTV box tries to display web page on an analog TV display, it can display about 512x400 pixels.So that means the worst computer screen you can buy will give you better resolution then an analog TV set. And the best computer monitor can give you ten times more better display than your TV. . There is simply no comparison between a computer monitor and an analog TV in terms of detail, crispness, image stability and color. If you look at a computer monitor all day at work, and then go home and look at a TV set, the TV set can look very different and fuzzy.That is one and the most important reason why analog is converting into digital.." If you have ever looked at a true digital TV signal displayed on a good digital TV set, you can certainly understand why -- the digital version of TV looks fantastic! There is no comparison. With 10 times more pixels on the screen, all displayed with digital precision, the picture is incredibly detailed and stable."[2]Now because of its transmitted into bits of data DTV does not face problems like ghosts, snow or color distortions. "In short, ...


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1911 words - 8 pages , for example. Foreign-language instructional discs will take advantage of this feature as well. Accompanying the rollout of DVD is digital television (DTV). Not only are pre-recorded and recordable media receiving a boost in quality, but also are the television sets that they are displayed on. In early 1998 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a long-awaited decision on future possibilities for television. This future is digital

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1855 words - 8 pages .). Children in today’s society are brought into digital media from an extremely delicate and young age, modern day parents seat their kids in front off the television when they’re tired and are given gifts such as smart phones and gaming consoles. Kids are learning to reciprocate people’s actions on television, whether it be reality, sit-coms, movies or even animations. A study that was conducted proved that tech-savy kids did not greet their parents on

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1216 words - 5 pages copper mesh layer separated by an insulating material. These cables are protected by a tough outer sheath. The inner core carries analogue and digital signals while the outer layer protects the core from interference and reduces attenuation (loss of signal strength). The first coaxial cable in Australia connected Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in 1962.Optical FibresAn optical fibre is a very thin tube or strand of glass which was first developed

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