Dillards And Virtual Clothes Fitting Management Essay

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Dillard’s – Virtual Clothes Fitting with Augmented Reality
Justin Boyd
Boundaries: Dillard’s is becoming less relevant. Its cavernous stores crammed full of merchandise are hard to shop. In many locations, it has far too much space. And its brand image tends towards fusty rather than modern. These are just some of the factors that put it on the wrong side of history.
Structure: Operates at a pace that is slightly slower than evolutionary, making changes only when necessary and doing very little to propel the business forward.
Capital: A strong balance sheet with relatively little debt is helpful.
Advantage: In fairness to Dillard’s, it is neither a sloppy nor a shabby retailer; if anything, it is well disciplined and has good operating standards. Stores are neat, the assortment is reasonable, and customer service is strong. This attention to detail, a trait which so many other retailers lack, is one of the reasons it has managed to survive for so long.
Virtual Clothes Fitting w/ Augmented Reality
Technology: Virtual Clothes Fitting allows people to see clothes on themselves and not even have to really try them on! This could be through an in-store life-size screen or in an online capacity, it could be on your phone screen. The user can instantly scroll through different clothing garments and accurately see how the clothes would look on their body without going into a fitting room and spending all day trying on clothes. Other companies are currently using similar technology to provide custom-tailored clothes with exact measurements that come straight through your smart phone.
How it might be used: I believe Dillard’s needs to use this technology in-store and online. Dillard’s needs to enhance their in-store experience with large dressing screens. Customers can walk in and see themselves in a screen with different garments on that are in the store. This enhances customer experience with the nice large screens and eliminates the hassle of trying everything on. Dillard’s also needs to implement this technology online. With Dillard’s falling behind in the online shopping war era, this is the perfect time for them to do an online face-lift. They can have customers measure themselves using smartphones and once they have measurements, scroll through images of themselves wearing garments offered for sale online. This is extremely helpful to consumers to see how a particular garment fits on different body types.
It’s Limits: The limits of the technology rely on the accuracy of the measuring mechanisms used in the technology. The measurements must be accurate for consumers to be able to see themselves in the clothes without trying them on. Also, Dillard’s will need its clothing manufacturers to provide accurate measurements of their clothes so that Dillard’s can have this data imported into the virtual clothing system. Once they have the measurements of the clothes and the consumers, the technology should be able to accurately portray the clothes...

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