Disability Inclusion In Curriculum Grade 12 Assignment

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The need to deliver inclusive learning for students with disability has become a national priority which is now enshrined in legislation and government education policy. A National resource has been created by various people and divisions within the education sector as a guide for teachers on how interact and better educate Students with Disability. The resource also helps teachers personalise learnings for their students, incorporating the student, the school, the family and other interested parties. Part of this change is the Disability Standards for Education (the Standards) which took effect on the 18th of August 2005. The Standards encourage students with disabilities to engage in education on the same level as all the other students, but without feeling different. (Disability Standards for Education, 2005). The need for the Standard was paramount as students with disabilities where for too long being left behind in education, while some were treated different and made to feel inferior. In NSW the Quality Teaching Model emphasises inclusive education as a key teaching requirement where teachers ensure that lessons not only include but also value the contribution of students from across the spectrum (ARACY, 2013). Students with Special needs are no longer seen as a burden to be isolated amongst themselves, but a part of the class and an identification that everyone is equal and has a right to an education.
Content and Description
The unit content that will be used will be for year 10 English students with the focus topic being creative writing. The unit will address Stage 5 Outcomes with a specific focus on Objective C: think in ways that are imaginative, creative, interpretive and critical (Board of Studies, 2012). This unit will be taught over a 6 week period in the second term in a South West Sydney School with a mixed class of students with vary skills and abilities in addition to ESL students and students with disabilities. There is a tendency for the students of this class to be disinterested in language learning. My aim in planning this unit is to garner maximum class engagement and the sharing of skills amongst the students and for everyone to feel included in the learning. The Unit needs to not only connect with all the students in the present but also show how it will benefit them into the future and in their daily lives. Many would perceive creative writing as not having much relevance in daily life, hence the use of a number of teaching aids will help with breaking down that perception. The unit will also help students express themselves better in daily life by expanding their vocabulary and their use of words in a creative manner. The topic begins by everyone focussing on themselves and expressing their strengths and weaknesses and writing them down, which allows me to understand what is going on in their life and creates and point to engage with the student. From here I can move from the focus on one’s self to h...


Symbols in "Not Wanted on the Vouage" - English- Grade 12 - Assignment

623 words - 3 pages In 1933, the Holocaust was created by Nazi Germany in an attempt to divide and dispose of the “unwanted” and undesirable. Anyone that was not Hitler's version of “ideal” was murdered in order to cleanse Germany. This cruel and vicious way of thinking is displayed in “NOW TV” through Noah Noyes. Throughout the text Findley references the Holocaust directly and indirectly. Findley demonstrates the connection “Noah’s Ark” has to the holocaust, and

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479 words - 2 pages Free High schools should enforce making uniforms mandatory to develop student improvement, represents school in an exceptional way and prepares students for the work world. Uniforms should be compulsory because they intend to lead students to become the improved version of themselves. Firstly, uniforms create a sense of equality and prevents students to feel left out or underprivileged. The rich students would wear experience expensive clothes to

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502 words - 3 pages KURTZ INTRODUCTION Kurtz is Africa's Satan, whose forbidden fruit is ivory, drawing him away from the rules of civilization and creating a monster that feeds on fulfilling that one job, no matter the consequences. He presents himself as a god to the natives, who are awed by Kurtz's magnificence and become his devoted followers, his own fallen angels. There, in the deepest pits of the jungle, those demonic and primitive people and their god

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952 words - 4 pages categories outlined below. Past Exam Prompts Brainstorm/List – connect to self and/or literature (short stories, poetry, movies and Romeo and Juliet) Tell me about a time when you overcame challenges/dealt with adverse circumstances/learned an important lesson. · Self-awareness leads to meaningful change. · Challenging circumstances lead to positive actions. · Each stage of life brings new choices. · Adapting to new situations in life is essential

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594 words - 3 pages Task 2: Written Assignment The Vygotskian theory of sociocultural development influence on the maturation of children and adolescence alike, is one to be acknowledged for its continued relativity to modern contexts. Research would suggest that Vygotsky’s concepts of assisted learning otherwise understood as scaffolding, in collaboration with a child’s zone of proximal development is what supports a child to reach their full potential within a

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596 words - 3 pages 8th Grade Word Part Formative Test 1. Knowing the meaning of the suffix -ive helps the reader understand that the word excessive means A) beneath excess. B) tending toward excess. C) lacking in excess. D) the opposite of excess. 2. Knowing the meaning of the suffix -ion helps the reader understand the word conservation means A) the state of conserving. B) without conserving. C) in favor of conserving. D) before conserving. 3. Knowing the

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501 words - 3 pages : “ Piscine, you cannot follow three different religions at the same time.” Pi Patel : “Why not?” Santosh Patel: “Because, believing in everything at once is the same thing as believing in nothing.” As the story unfolds though, we learn the important lesson that religion is not the end, simply a means to our own deeply personal understanding of the world and beyond. This awareness and acceptance could help us avoid wars, bigotry, and intolerances around

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854 words - 4 pages Corporal Punishment is defined as a use of physical force causing pains as a means of discipline. It has since been removed from schools in South Africa. In this essay, I will explore the for and against of implementing corporal punishment within education in South Africa. I am in support of not bringing corporal punishment back in South African education. According to South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996) in Chapter 2 section 10

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1487 words - 6 pages /NBK9905/ Coskun, O. (2016, November 11). Separation techniques: Chromatography. Retrieved December 5, 2018, from NCBI website: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5206469/#ref1 Friedl. (n.d.). Chlorophyll in Plants: Benefits, Function & Definition. Retrieved December 7, 2018, from https://study.com/academy/lesson/chlorophyll-in-plants-benefits-function-definition.html Joshua. (2011, August 12). Difference Between Electrophoresis and

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420 words - 2 pages What's in a name? By Bailey Campbell Reputation is what people are known for in the mind of others. It can be good or bad, and is sometimes extremely important to them. A person's name holds their reputation in it, and it can define what type of person they are. Reputation is a huge theme in the Crucible. In this book a good name is almost all these people have, so for them, dying for your name is a better choice than living with a tainted one

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2306 words - 10 pages war is considered just. Just War Theory emerged from the writings of various ancient and medieval thinkers over the world as they sought to understand the morality of war. Eventually, a general agreement has been reached about the criterias that makes a war just. These criterias include; · Just cause: The aim of war needs to be in response to wrong or suffered. A war can be fought for self-defence, but not for national interests, such as revenge or

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1744 words - 7 pages Introduction The Civil Rights Movement is a term for the many different types of activism that aimed to secure full social, political and economic rights/equality for African Americans in the period from 1946 to 1968. After World War II, a great push to end segregation began. The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured people (NAACP), the leading civil rights organization of this era grew from 50,000 to 500,000 members. Segregation

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1306 words - 6 pages Institute of American History Advanced Placement United States History Study Guide.” John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, 1961 | AP US History Study Guide from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, 12 June 2013, ap.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/sixties/resources/john-f-kennedy’s-inaugural-address-1961. Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (Swift suggests in his essay that the Irish might ease their economic troubles by cooking and eating

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959 words - 4 pages TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD ESSAY PLAN How does the director, Robert Mulligan, use film techniques to create setting and evoke mood in the film To Kill a Mockingbird? The director, Robert Mulligan, of the film To Kill a Mockingbird, uses film techniques such as the film being in black and white, thus creating an often uncomfortable setting. The monochromatic film allows the audience to see the divisions of segregation between the white and African

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492 words - 2 pages Free Intuition and Memory in the Arts I’ve recently been enjoying a specific aspect of art in the form of guitar music by a very talented guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. He is very well known for his elaborate arrangements for the guitar. I’ve been trying to learn some of his songs, but I quickly found that he does not write his own tablature or sheet music for his songs. I read more about him and I learned that he actually did not learn any music theory