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Disadvantages And Advantages Of Home Schooling. Situations In Which Home Schooling Would Be Better For A Child And For An Educational System. Opinion!!!

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This is a very controversial issue for myself as I wasin 4-H while in high school and I knew a lot of home schoolers. In fact some of my good friends switched from public school to home schooling in the middle of their high school years. Some of my own opinions ondisadvantages of home schooling include the loss of cultural and economic differences, for example in most public school and many private school situations you are going to have kids of many different ethnic backgrounds. When I first learned about homeschooling, while in a public middle school I was kind of shocked at the idea and had a lot of feelings against homeschooling for example critics of homeschooling have pointed out that since homeschooled children are ...view middle of the document...

Some of the advantages of homeschooling include beingable to learn what you want to learn, for example thehigh school nearest you may not offer Latin or MarineScience, as a homeschooler you can choose some of thetopics that interest you. Another advantage ofhomeschooling comes in later years especially with St.Pete College. My friends that went to homeschooling wereable to complete their AA degree by the time theygraduated from high school. Thus they are two yearsahead already in their college career. Another advantageis the ability to schedule family vacations, fieldtrips, etc. on your own time and not around a formalschool calendar.Homeschooling is probably a great options for peoplethat have certain religious beliefs that may be offendedby a traditional school. Also children with learningdisabilities may also be better in home schooling asthey can create a custom program to fit their individualneeds. I personally don't think I would have liked tohave been homeschooled and I don't think I could everhomeschool if I were to have children in the future. Ihave gone to public school all my life, and my momteaches in the public schools, so I really think thatyou can get a good education anywhere if you put yourmind to it. I don't mean to offend anyone thathomeschools their children or any homeschooled students,if homeschooling works for you then that is great and Iam glad for you!

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